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Guewen Baconnier
On 2/5/13, 9:25 AM

The setup of the thousands separator is located under: Settings > Translations > Languages.

For each language, you can set a different separator format (and few other formatting options like the dates format or the text direction).

3 options modify the format of a number:

  • Separator format: number of digits between separators
  • Thousands Separator: the character displayed at each separation
  • Decimal Separator: character displayed before the decimals

If you use [3,3,3,-1], the number 1232345.01 will be displayed 1,232,345.01. However, the number 1237891232345.01 will be displayed 1237'891'232'345.01.

The -1 at the end of the list means 'stop the separation'. The value 0 can be used to mean 'repeat the last group at infinite'.

So the correct form for a separator between each 3 digits whatever the number of digits is: [3, 0].

Reference: Olivier Dony's comment

But it dont work with e-mail template! REFERENCES Order number: SO008 Order total: 7315.0 EUR

Metrolux Gmbh, Andreas Marpmann
on 5/26/14, 1:48 PM

i have made these changes but got js error , undefine seprator bcz i think by mistake i have do this way [,3,3,3, -1] now please tell me how to resolve it please help me

Atul Kumar jain
on 6/9/14, 11:30 AM
Andreas Marpmann
On 8/15/14, 5:40 AM

Sorry for the repetition as answer. The separator is not working in email templates!

Me too some one has it solved?

Carlos Contreras
on 4/20/15, 2:40 PM

Under Settings > Languages > Your favorite language you will find two fields: thousands separator which is , in English by default, but to make it work you also need to set the Separator Format. [3,3,3,-1] will make sure e.g. that 1232345.01 EUR appears as 1,232,345.01 EUR. The tooltip of the Separator Format will show you that the separator is fully customizable. Apparently, some countries prefer 4 instead of 3 digits for separation.

Please see my response, the format [3,3,3,-1] is not correct when the number of digits is > 12.

Camptocamp SA, Guewen Baconnier
on 2/5/13, 9:26 AM

I found that by doing exactly this, a number such as 108,253 is changed automatically into 108 when creating accounting entries. I used [3,3,3,-1], "," as decimal and "." as thousands separator.

Scalaria S.A.S., Bernardo Romero
on 2/7/13, 7:03 PM

That is because I used the . as decimal and , as thousands separator and you do the opposite. The precision of your accounting entries depends on the Decimal Precision in the Technical Features.

Josse Colpaert (jco)
on 2/13/13, 9:02 AM

i have made these changes but got js error , undefine seprator

Atul Kumar jain
on 6/9/14, 11:16 AM

i have used by mistake [,3,3,3, -1] now please tell me how to resolve it

Atul Kumar jain
on 6/9/14, 11:18 AM
Andi Akbarry Renaldy
On 11/20/17, 8:10 AM

how to remove nol after comma in website price? example 9000,00 appears as 9000

Manuel Gonzalez
On 8/20/17, 8:32 PM

For those who are looking format prices in emails templates, this worked for me:   (You should get prices like:  9,000.00  )

Ivan Wellistya
On 10/15/15, 5:06 AM

Moved to "ask a question".. sorry

ChangJoon Lee
On 3/2/15, 7:19 AM

To see [Language] menu under [Translation], your user account should be enabled for [Technical Features] even if you are System Administrator.


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