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Jdugomier France
7/16/16, 3:37 AM


Here is a very simple / small GSCript to connect to Odoo but using JSONRPC :

function OdooJSONRPC2(db_settings)



* Random client id generation. To be provided in jsonrpc calls and returned to differentiate requests if necessary.


this._guid = function() {

function s4() {

return Math.floor((1 + Math.random()) * 0x10000)




return s4() + s4() + "-" + s4() + "-" + s4() + "-" +

s4() + "-" + s4() + s4() + s4();



* Jsonrpc2 call (internal function)

* @param jsonrpc_method : type of jsonrpc method (ex: call)

* @param url : url on which jsonrpc needs to be called

* @param params : json object with the API parameters


this._jsonrpc2_call = function(jsonrpc_method,url,params)


var json = JSON.stringify({

"jsonrpc": "2.0",

"method" : jsonrpc_method,

"id" : this.id,

"params": params


var headers = {

"Content-Type" : "application/json",

"Accept" : "application/json",



{ //adds the session_id in the request (in a cookie). Optional because doesn"t exist on the first call (authentication)



var options = {

method: "post",

payload : json,

headers : headers,

contentLength : json.length


return JSON.parse(UrlFetchApp.fetch(url,options).getContentText());


this.search_read = function(model,params)



return this._jsonrpc2_call("call",db_settings.base_location + "/web/dataset/search_read",params).result.records;


/* constructor : after the methods declaration because some methods are used by constructor */

this.db_settings = db_settings;

this.id = this._guid();

if(this.db_settings["db"] && this.db_settings["login"] && this.db_settings["password"] && this.db_settings["base_location"])


this.sid = this._jsonrpc2_call("call",db_settings.base_location + "/web/session/authenticate",db_settings).result.session_id;




throw "Incomplete DB settings required keys are : db, login, password, base_location";




  var odoo = new OdooJSONRPC2({"db": "?", "login": "?","password": "?","base_location": "?"});

var rental_products = odoo.search_read("product.template",{"domain" : [["rental_ok","=","true"]], "fields":["id"]});

var specific_product = odoo.search_read("product.template",{"domain" : [["id","=",52]], "fields":["display_name"]});

var product_by_id = odoo.search_read("product.template",{"domain" : [["id","in",[50,51,52]]], "fields":["display_name"]});

Ranpan United States
5/6/19, 10:38 AM

Thank you for this info! It was extremely helpful.

Ranpan United States
5/8/19, 3:54 PM

Is there any way to create/write records from google script?

tommy.henry@5b.com.au Australia
6/2/19, 10:54 PM

Hi there,

This topic seems pretty dead but I was having the exact same issue and managed to figure it out so thought I should post here. The easiest approach I found, which most closely matches the method in the odoo api documentation is as follows:

First: Include the XMLRPC library in your appscript project using the following library code (In your appscript project go to Resources > Library > Add):


Then, if you are following these odoo api documentation steps:
you can modify the code as follows to make the same methods work in appscript:

url = <insert server URL>
db = <insert database name>
username = <insert username>
password = <insert password>​
// Authenticate user and get uid:
var common = new XMLRPC.XmlRpcRequest(url + "/xmlrpc/2/common", "authenticate");

uid = common.send().parseXML();
// Check access right
var models = new XMLRPC.XmlRpcRequest(url + "/xmlrpc/2/object", "execute_kw");

models.addParam({'raise_exception': False});

var response = models.send().parseXML();
// create user
var models = new XMLRPC.XmlRpcRequest(url + "/xmlrpc/2/object", "execute_kw");

'name': "New Partner",

id = models.send().parseXML();
Ranpan United States
6/3/19, 7:46 AM

Hello, Thanks so much for your reply to this post! Have you tested the script you posted? I can't get it to work. Something seems to be missing.

Ranpan United States
6/3/19, 7:50 AM

One of the errors I am getting.

"TypeError: Cannot call method "addParam" of undefined. (line 10, file "Code")"

Doesn't this:

var common = XMLRPC.XmlRpcRequest(url + "/xmlrpc/2/common", "authenticate");

Need to be somthing like:

var common = new XMLRPC.XmlRpcRequest(url + "/xmlrpc/2/common", "authenticate");

tommy.henry@5b.com.au Australia
6/3/19, 8:19 AM

yep good catch missed that bit when I was writing it up for this post. I've amended my reply above :)

tommy.henry@5b.com.au Australia
6/3/19, 8:39 AM

If it's useful I've started building out an odoo api for appscript: 1cz44Ex1_MaQAw6u57aAf3ozA2utiTJarpqxf3wOoZ6tUNnQX6C7Bpre9

or https://github.com/tommyhenry90/odooAppscriptApi

tommy.henry@5b.com.au Australia
6/3/19, 8:43 AM

project key for above api is: Mz85GDFoKyx2elkECWYElEvQMf9HPR6wp

Ranpan United States
6/3/19, 9:01 AM

Could you give a search_read example yet? I can't seem to figure out the syntax.

Ranpan United States
6/3/19, 9:08 AM

Also, just not saw your post on the API for appscript! That is awesome! The community will really appreciate this! When you get time if you could give examples in your readme for the calls like here: https://github.com/faisalsami/odoo-xmlrpc#usage

tommy.henry@5b.com.au Australia
6/4/19, 9:32 PM

I've added create, read, update and delete methods to the api now and added some more documentation on github. Please let me know if you find this helpful or run into any issues. :)

Ranpan United States
6/5/19, 7:26 AM

Awesome work! If you could add one more thing.

The "Search and Read" https://www.odoo.com/documentation/11.0/webservices/odoo.html#search-and-read

I use that to get data back from a search with the related field contents. Thanks again for doing this!

tommy.henry@5b.com.au Australia
6/6/19, 7:59 PM

I added searchRecord and searchReadRecord yesterday and added a bit more documentation on github. should also now be able to update and delete multiple records at once.

Fausto R. Canada
11/28/14, 7:36 AM

I will be workiing on this approach next week, so I am very interested.

However, note that GAS (Google Apps Script) is runing on Google servers, so they cannot access an Odoo server in your local network.

This aproach might / should work with Odoo online, though I am still struggling with the right url:port to use.

ps. I am new to this forum, so I cannot post a question yet

Versão Integral, Anabela Damas Portugal
11/28/14, 9:39 AM

Hope that my "like" helps you to get karma ;) For you to post questions about GAS.

Fausto R. Canada
11/28/14, 9:48 AM
thanks Anabela
yes, it helped !!
I already posted my question, thanks

ps. this is the link, still dealing with Python sample scripts before working from GAS

Regards, Fausto | 416-821-3185 | go.theXS.ca/now | simplifying IT

On Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 9:39 AM, Anabela Damas <adamas-versaointegral-pt@mail.odoo.com> wrote:

Hope that my "like" helps you to get karma ;) For you to post questions about GAS.

Anabela Damas
Sent by Odoo S.A. using Odoo about Forum Post False


Ludo - 21South Netherlands

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Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
--Ludo - 21South--


Ludo - 21South Netherlands
11/19/14, 7:10 AM

What have you tried? Where did your script stop and what was the error? 

I am by no means an expert in google script, but the error might be explained from the OpenERP point of view.


One thing I noticed is that the url of your connection is pointing to port 8086. Have you tried port 8069, which is the default for XML-RPC in OpenERP?

Other than that, the parse error usually means that you are trying to parse something using the wrong format OR the field itself does not exist.

Versão Integral, Anabela Damas Portugal
11/19/14, 7:55 AM

I've update my answer. Thanks for try to help =)

Versão Integral, Anabela Damas Portugal
11/19/14, 7:56 AM


21south, Ludo - 21South Netherlands
11/19/14, 7:59 AM

Updated the answer. Perhaps someone with some more experience can answer the question better.

Versão Integral, Anabela Damas Portugal
11/19/14, 9:06 AM

cat /etc/openerp-server.conf | grep xmlrpc xmlrpcs = False xmlrpcs_interface = xmlrpcs_port = 8087 xmlrpc_interface = xmlrpc_port = 8086 xmlrpc = True I'm using the correct port. Thanks

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