How to add a group to project module properly?

René Schuster

I'm trying to add a third group (in addition to User and Manager) to project app using xml.

<record id="project.group_project_accountant" model="res.groups">
             <field name="name">Accountant</field>
             <field name="category_id" ref="base.module_category_project_management"/>
             <field name="implied_ids" eval="[(4, ref('project.group_project_user'))]"/>

The group is greated just fine, but in the users group view (Settings->Users->Users->Access Rights->Applications) the selection field for project app is gone...

I have also addes access right for this group using ir.model.access.csv

access_project_project_accountant,project.project accountant,model_project_project,project.group_project_accountant,1,0,0,0

What am I missing / getting wrong?

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René Schuster
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Found the solution.

The group selection field for the project application in the user form view was gone, indeed. But instead there was a new Project group with all groups as boolean fields.

In fact, if you want your groups to be a selection field, you have to make the group inheritance strictly hierachical.

Example: Project/User as base group, Project/Accountant inherits from Project/User, Project/Manager inherits from Project/Accountant (using the implied_ids field).

Reflecting this issue, the solution makes sense, since you should be able to select more than one group if the inheritance is not hierarchical!