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Guewen Baconnier
On 2/12/13, 9:33 AM

To display a debug log, you can use the standard python logging module.

Basically, you need to get a logger and you can use it in your methods to output log messages.

Usually, in OpenERP, a _logger is get at the top of the python module, its name being the name of the python module.

import logging
from openerp.osv import orm

_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class project_task_work(orm.Model):
    _inherit = 'project.task.work'

    def create(self, cr, uid, vals, context=None):
        _logger.debug('Create a %s with vals %s', self._name, vals)
        return super(project_task_work, self).create(cr, uid, vals, context=context)

Note that you will need to start your server using the --debug option to show debug logs.

Other options for logging at a higher level (that doesn't require the --debug option) are:

_logger.info('FYI: This is happening')

_logger.warning('WARNING: I don't think you want this to happen!')

_logger.error('ERROR: Something really bad happened!')

It doesn't work(I see nothing on log file but i have a lot of debug info on it). I don't know how debug this personal add-on. I just want to override this method. should I create a new question for this problem?

Bonnet Denis
on 2/12/13, 11:00 AM

If you don't see your logs that's probably because your module is not loaded correctly, or the module's dependencies are wrong. You can create a question focused to the loading of modules with details on your module (people will have to find out why it is not loaded, give them useful information).

Camptocamp SA, Guewen Baconnier
on 2/12/13, 11:16 AM

thanks a lot

Bonnet Denis
on 2/12/13, 11:26 AM

if it didn't work that's because i hadn't restart openERP. I just restart and it's ok. Thanks again.

Bonnet Denis
on 2/12/13, 12:51 PM

Hi,,,when i am giving _logging.info after _columns in .py file then it is printing to log file but when i am calling to the method then it didn't work?? Please help me out....

on 9/25/13, 9:46 AM

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