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Niyas Raphy
On 1/10/18, 5:33 AM


As you are new here first of all you can go through the forum guidelines : https://www.odoo.com/forum/help-1/faq

As you are now able to post questions you can ask your queries here, and if you accept any answer as right answer you will get 2 karma.

If you give some answer to some one and if they accepted your answer as right answer you will get 15 karma.

If some one upvote your question you will get 5 karma. Like that, you will learn more on using the forum :)


Fash Fadaei
On 1/10/18, 5:41 AM

Thank you for providing this information.  I am not new to the forum, but somehow after posting one question a couple years ago, I ended up with 2 karma and was not able to interact with the forum at all... this was very frustrating because there was no info for how to get my karma back since I couldn't do anything at all...

I figured out the solution... maybe it's a hack,  but O-well... it worked...  I just had to make an account with another email and then upvote my old question so I could post again... If anyone is having the same issue, there you go!

Upvote my stuff if this helped you!  I will return the favor... That is what karma is all about :-)

VB Fash
On 1/10/18, 6:01 AM

I agree...  But now I am addicted to karma... I just can't stop!   I wish this wasn't a factor... when I came here I had a real question, now I am on a quest to maximize my Karma!

Please remember there is option of negative vote, which will cause to lose your karma. Also flagging the post will loose around 100 karmas.

Niyas Raphy
on 1/10/18, 6:06 AM

Good to know... I have enough karma to do what I need now. I will be good!

The Vape Bar, Fash Fadaei
on 1/10/18, 6:18 AM
Fash Fadaei
On 1/10/18, 5:55 AM

The key to Karma is - extra accounts.  

Jonathan Leaders
On 2/27/18, 1:59 PM

Everyone upvote each others answers here and maybe we can start using this forum. It is a very restricted forum and I think it slows the community growth. Rather than relying on upvotes, they should trust downvotes.

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