How can I update my OpenERP account, and what can I do with it?


I've just created an account via (I clicked "Sign up" in the top right corner). I had to deal with a form located on, so I suppose this account isn't limited to this support platform. Your F.A.Q. confirmed it:

To login or register, you need to create an account.

After that I wanted to change my email address, in my profile but it's not possible: the email field is flagged "cannot be changed". So it's impossible to update my OpenERP account's email ? Not really convenient...

Also, this exact same black top-bar seems to be present on the domain. Does it mean that I'm also logged in on ? If I'm right:

  1. why does it still say "Sign up" in the top right corner, while I'm already signed in ?
  2. why I am landing on a "pricing-dowload" page when I click on this "Sign up" button ?
  3. what can I do from there ?
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The account is also used for people who want to purchase a Software as a Service (Saas) subscription. This means that OpenERP will host a version of OpenERP for you and you can use your login to access it.

The Sign Up button really means start a trial, or purchase a subscription.

What you are seeing when you go to, is a demo of the software which is shared with everybody else who goes to too. From there, you can create your own private demo by clicking "Start your own company".

So, in short, the account you created is used for online openerp demos, free trials, SaaS purchasing, and the Q&A forums.

I hope this cleared things up for you