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Danimar Ribeiro
On 4/10/13, 11:46 PM

This a known bug with a fix of 3 characters. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/940439

Just change in config.py the line where it adds the dbfilter option from: group.add_option("--db-filter", dest="dbfilter", default=".", to group.add_option("--db-filter", dest="dbfilter", my_default=".",

There is a merge proposal in the bug with this change, but is too hard to do that :)

Rui Andrada
On 10/10/13, 5:31 PM

That is bug already know, as Danimar says

But I think hack the code is always not a good option.

You can use server startup with parameter --db-filter as: '%d' or '^%d' or even '^%d$'

The value is a regular expression, you may use %d for a hostname part of domain or %h to full domain name.


domain = hostname.domainname.com

OpenERP replaces like:

%d = hostname

%h = hostname.domainname.com

The '^' means start of line and the '$' end of line, so '^%d$' only filter db with name 'hostname' following the example.

Starting the server with:

openerp-server --db-filter='^%d'

Filter name of any db starting with "hostname" domain part.

Hi Rui, usually I start openerp with $sudo service openerp start. How can I add filter information in command? Because system would remind 'Usage: openerp-server {start|stop|restart|force-reload}' if I input other words in the command. Waiting for your help and thanks!

on 11/8/13, 12:44 AM

Hi Phoebe, As Thierry BOULOGNE have said you can do: ''' DAEMON_OPTS="-c $CONFIGFILE --db-filter=^%d$" ''' But in debian family like ubuntu, mintlinux and etc you can do that change this configuration in: ''' /etc/default/openerp ''' This setting are environment variables to openerp-server daemon, this variable added or changed in that file will be availbale to /etc/init.d/openerp script.

Rui Andrada
on 6/6/14, 7:15 PM
On 11/5/16, 6:29 AM

dbfilter = example-com (DB name)

Give this in the .conf file ,

it will works. :)

On 4/8/13, 5:14 AM

Hi bino

Since OpenERP-Server didn't recognize this param in openerp-server.conf , you need to specify it in start command

openerp-server --db-filter ^%d$ -s /etc/openerp/openerp-server.conf

I've tested it on my computer and it works . You can have try .


On 5/28/15, 10:54 AM

Hi all,

May be this help you.

We find a solution for use %h and subdomain, create your db in replace '.' by '-'.

Example : for the domaine erp.pharmacy.com, create db erp-pharmacy-com

And in your file .conf, at line dbfilter, write this : dbfilter = %h

Works for Odoo v8

Hey, does it work for a domain name mapping ? I want to map example.com to my database, so I created the database like : example-com as you said, and set : db_filter = ^%h$ but it doesn't work. Thanks for help.

Yassine TEIMI
on 10/18/15, 9:43 AM
On 1/17/14, 8:56 AM


Another way to do it is to change the initscript (debian/ubuntu) :

DAEMON_OPTS="-c $CONFIGFILE --db-filter=^%d$"

You could make this change into : /etc/init.d/openerp-server (replace with your init script name).

And then restart opener server.

Works great :-).


very helpful

manali(odoo developer)
on 2/18/16, 7:57 AM
On 3/22/18, 5:46 AM

-r yourpassword-w yourpassword -d my_data_base--db-filter= my_data_base --xmlrpc-port=8069 --db_host=localhost --addons-path=justice_addons --update=all

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