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Do you really need to learn Python to change OpenERP's CSS?

Test User
on 4/5/14, 7:30 PM 9,462 views

Seriously, OpenERP? This has got to be the worst overall application I've ever worked with. After days of researching and trying, I'm no closer to altering the CSS than I was at the beginning. So far, there's only two options:

1) Incorrectly alter the CSS under an existing module like Web. This is be overwritten in any future update. This is a bad method. 2) Write a python module simply to add a CSS file. Are you kidding me? Writing a freaking python module to add a CSS file?

Who was in charge of this over at OpenERP? It's like everyone is sitting back and thinking of all these complicated things, but they can't get the simplest things right. No one is giving the time of day for so many things. Here's a tip, every single application I've ever worked with gives the user some kind of theme directory for adding css, js, html, etc.

So if there's a better way that is not documented other than the ridiculous expectation that all designers are going to learn python, please let me know. All I've managed to do is waste time reading tutorial after tutorial on module creation only to end up with "No handler found" error each time. Without a firm understanding of developing in python we can only copy and paste and if nothing works then we don't have anything to go off of.


Here is what you could do:

  1. create a folder 'custom_stuff' in the addons folder.
  2. create the following files inside (see explanation later):
    • custom_stuff/
    •     __init__.py
    •     __openerp__.py
    •     view.xml
    •     custom.css
  3. Load your addon in Odoo (after restarting the server)


  • The file __init__.py can be empty, or load any custom python file you desire.  In your case, it can be empty
  • The file __openerp__.py could be something like https://gist.github.com/ged-odoo/ec32394b24223eac55d0 It is the description of your module, and basically just make sure that it is correctly loaded by Odoo (also, it tells odoo to load view.xml
  • view.xml should look like this: https://gist.github.com/ged-odoo/d5cfaf8451504fad61b7  It is the file telling Odoo what static resources it needs to load.  In this case, you file custom.css.  But you can add any <script> tag and include whatever js file you want


well, I can't edit my answer, so I will just add a comment instead. I wanted to say that I think that this is the proper way to customize Odoo. You can maintain your own addon (possibly with the name of your company or whatever instead of 'custom_stuff', you can include every assets you want: images/css/js on the client side (included by editing view.xml), and python code/models/controllers/... on the server side (included by importing them in the __init__.py ). This makes migrations quite easy: just need to make sure the folder is in the addons/ folder, and load it in the Settings menu. (it would be even better to add that addon in a separate folder and include it in the path, but it is slightly more advanced)

Géry Debongnie (ged)
on 6/12/14, 5:26 AM
aci aisha
On 8/7/14, 10:54 PM

In short: Yes. Because any alteration done to OpenERP in the correct way should be through a module. And modules start with 2 python files, in the form of __init__.py and __openerp__.py. Then again, if you somehow feel offended by this and/or are unable to accomplish this task, in my opinion you will have 2 options: - 1: Have someone who knows how to alter the application do it for you or - 2: Don't work with it. No one is forcing you, right?

Please stop hijacking comments :)

Ludo - Neobis
on 8/8/14, 5:33 AM

Med Said BARA

--Med Said BARA--

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--Med Said BARA--
Med Said BARA
On 4/6/14, 10:17 AM

You are talking about OpenERP, as if it was just a simple application. "YET ANOTHER APPLICATION".

No It's an ERP Application, The most comprehensive and richer ERP, that we cannot see even in our dreams, if it was not an open source.

By respect, to the Core Team and to the OpenERP Community, and before saying anything, browse the web to see what people are doing with OpenERP.

You say that <<you have="" been="" using="" openerp="" long="" enough="" to="" see="" what="" people="" are="" using="" it="" for="">>, I do not think this is true, for the following reasons:

  • Could you tel me where is the relation between python and css?

  • You've said: Without a firm understanding of developing in python we can only copy and paste ..... Do you think that any other Application, any other ERP, or just a "Hello World" can be programmed with English or Japaneese languages?

It seems that you are totally ignoring that there is always an underlaying programming language like PYTHON, yes i've said PYTHON.

  • You talk about "complaints", the only complaint i've heard here is yours. Here we say Question.

  • just one question please: Do you know the URL of this website?

    No please, no comment, we don't need your response, i'll respond for you: HELP.OPENERP.COM, and do you know what HELP means for us? It's not a question nor a comment.

So please there are thousands of forums around us, see if you can find another place, where you can talk about ...

Sorry for my bad english.

Best regards.

This is not an answer. Defending the company but providing no solution is not only offensive to users but also shows you are more interested in promoting some other agenda than actual improvement in the project. I have been using OpenERP long enough to see what people are using it for and also long enough to hear the multitude of complaints that receive no response from OpenERP SA at all.

Test User
on 4/6/14, 4:42 PM

The relation between python and css is that you must write a module to include css. Hence, to write a module, you need to know python. Copy and paste has nothing to do with what language the underlying application is written in. The point is that you shouldn't need to know the underlying language to add a css file. Even SAP let's you easily add css files and they are a major competitor in the proprietary market. No one is saying anything about writing anything in English or Japanese. If I had complained about not being able to write a module in COBOL you might have a point to argue against it.

Test User
on 4/6/14, 11:58 PM

If you have never seen a complaint here or anywhere else, you are not really looking.

Test User
on 4/6/14, 11:59 PM

Sorry for posting so many comments in response to your questions but I was limited on space. I don't fully understand the rest so I will leave it at that. Good day to you.

Test User
on 4/7/14, 12:00 AM
On 7/16/14, 9:07 AM

Dear Test User,

I can't help to feel a little offended by your posts, and I don't know why you set a quite agressive tone from in the beginning. Sorry if I'm wrong about this.

You are right that it could be made simpeler to add a custom css to openerp. No discussion about that. This might be something to change in the future, but personally I don't see much of an advantage in this compared to the work to do something like this.

As for your question, yes, the one you haven't got an answer to in your oppinion, the answer is 'No', you don't need to learn python to add a custom css to openerp. Python is a huge language, you don't need to learn that. you only need add some folders and some files just like Géry Debongnie (ged) said in the first answer on this post. This can take you up to 5 minutes of work. The little changes is no work and has nothing to do with python.

If you think that you have to learn python to do this, it is like saying that you need to learn the full chinese language just to say 'hello' in chinese.

In my oppinion it just feels like you are looking for a stick to hit with. If you would have looked to openerp in total, you would know that the inheriting of modules is a enormous advantage. Ok, it is a (realy)little bit more work to add a stylesheet than just uploading one, but the advantages of this system easilly outnumber this little downside.

One more thing. I would realy appreciate that, if you would answer, that you would do it without the agressive unthertone. We are all trying to help eachother, and doing the best we can.  I can untherstand that sometimes one can get irritaded by software and computers, I realy have my part of that on a weekly basis. Just ask my mouse and keyboard :-). So I can untherstand some irritaded posts, but please don't keep doning this.  Thank you for that.

I hoped I have answered your question. For clarity, you don't need to learn the language, if the explanation of Géry Debongnie (ged) is not clear enough for you, I can untherstand that. Just ask and we will try to clarrify.


Thierry Godin

--Thierry Godin--
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Collegien, France
--Thierry Godin--


Thierry Godin
On 4/6/14, 4:31 AM

You are wrong.

OpenERP is a wondeful application. You can do everything you want with it. Of course, it has a few flaws, but OpenERP team works hard to make it better every day. And the whole community brings a lot of new fonctionnalities and corrections.

OpenERP deserves spend some time on it to understand its workings, but after that, we find that the possibilities of this application are limitless.

Once you master the workings of OpenERP, error pages will be increasingly rare. Errors are often the same. It's worth learning.

Note: I do not work for OpenERP company, and I am pretty sure that many devs here do think like me.

I can say it can do anything all day long but the answer is still, "You cannot update CSS without first learning python," and that is an unacceptable statement.

Test User
on 4/6/14, 4:44 PM

So again, your are wrong, I do not promote any agenda or something. I do not work for OpenERP , I do not work for any OpenERP Partner. I do use OpenERP in my company and I really enjoy it.

Thierry Godin
on 4/7/14, 7:56 PM
On 7/7/14, 5:15 AM

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