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Couln't load module web ?

on 10/18/13, 1:08 AM 4,168 views

OS : Windows 7

Addons Path : D:\openerp7\openerp\addons

OpenERP version 7.0-20131008-231022

D:\openerp7>python openerp-server --addons-path=openerp/addons 2013-10-18 02:50:17,180 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp: OpenERP version 7 .0-20131008-231022 2013-10-18 02:50:17,180 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp: addons paths: D:\ openerp7\openerp\addons 2013-10-18 02:50:17,180 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp: database hostname : localhost 2013-10-18 02:50:17,180 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp: database port: 54 32 2013-10-18 02:50:17,181 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp: database user: op enerp D:\openerp7\openerp\addonsweb 2013-10-18 02:50:17,252 5604 ←[1;37m←[1;41mCRITICAL←[0m ? openerp.modules.module : Couldn't load module web 2013-10-18 02:50:17,253 5604 ←[1;37m←[1;41mCRITICAL←[0m ? openerp.modules.module : No module named unittest2 2013-10-18 02:50:17,253 5604 ←[1;31m←[1;49mERROR←[0m ? openerp.service: Failed t o load server-wide module web. The web module is provided by the addons found in the openerp-web project. Maybe you forgot to add those addons in your addons_path configuration. Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\openerp7\openerp\service__init__.py", line 60, in load_server_wide_m odules openerp.modules.module.load_openerp_module(m) File "D:\openerp7\openerp\modules\module.py", line 406, in load_openerp_module

__import__('openerp.addons.' + module_name)

File"D:\openerp7\openerp\modules\module.py", line 133, in load_module mod = imp.load_module('openerp.addons.' + module_part, f, path, descr) File "D:\openerp7\openerp\addonsweb__init__.py", line 3, in <module> import cli File "D:\openerp7\openerp\addonsweb\cli__init__.py", line 1, in <module> import test_js File "D:\openerp7\openerp\addonsweb\cli\test_js.py", line 5, in <module> import unittest2 ImportError: No module named unittest2 D:\openerp7\openerp\addonsweb_kanban 2013-10-18 02:50:17,263 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp: OpenERP server is running, waiting for connections... 2013-10-18 02:50:17,266 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp.service.wsgi_serve r: HTTP service (werkzeug) running on 2013-10-18 02:50:22,321 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp.service: Initiatin g shutdown 2013-10-18 02:50:22,321 5604 ←[1;32m←[1;49mINFO←[0m ? openerp.service: Hit CTRL- C again or send a second signal to force the shutdown.

openerp-server.conf [options] #

Server startup config – Common options


Admin password for creating, restoring and backing up databases

admin_passwd = admin

default CSV separator for import and export

csv_internal_sep = ,

to compress reports

reportgz = False

disable loading demo data for modules to be installed (comma-separated, use "all" for all modules)

without_demo = False

Use this for big data importation, if it crashes you will be able to continue at the current state. Provide a filename to store intermediate importation states.

import_partial =

file where the server pid will be stored

pidfile = None

specify additional addons paths (separated by commas)

addons_path = D:\openerp7\openerp\addons\

Comma-separated list of server-wide modules default=web

server_wide_modules = None


XML-RPC / HTTP – XML-RPC Configuration


disable the XML-RPC protocol

xmlrpc = True

Specify the TCP IP address for the XML-RPC protocol. The empty string binds to all interfaces.

xmlrpc_interface =

specify the TCP port for the XML-RPC protocol

xmlrpc_port = 8069

Enable correct behavior when behind a reverse proxy

proxy_mode = False


XML-RPC / HTTPS – XML-RPC Secure Configuration


disable the XML-RPC Secure protocol

xmlrpcs = True

Specify the TCP IP address for the XML-RPC Secure protocol. The empty string binds to all interfaces.

xmlrpcs_interface =

specify the TCP port for the XML-RPC Secure protocol

xmlrpcs_port = 8071

specify the certificate file for the SSL connection

secure_cert_file = server.cert

specify the private key file for the SSL connection

secure_pkey_file = server.pkey


NET-RPC – NET-RPC Configuration


enable the NETRPC protocol

netrpc = False

specify the TCP IP address for the NETRPC protocol

netrpc_interface =

specify the TCP port for the NETRPC protocol

netrpc_port = 8070


WEB – Web interface Configuration


Filter listed database REGEXP

dbfilter = .*


Static HTTP – Static HTTP service


enable static HTTP service for serving plain HTML files

static_http_enable = False

specify the directory containing your static HTML files (e.g '/var/www/')

static_http_document_root = None

specify the URL root prefix where you want web browsers to access your static HTML files (e.g '/')

static_http_url_prefix = None

# #Testing Group – Testing Configuration #

Launch a YML test file.

test_file = False

If set, will save sample of all reports in this directory.

test_report_directory = False

Enable YAML and unit tests.

test_enable = False

Commit database changes performed by YAML or XML tests.

test_commit = False


Logging Group – Logging Configuration


file where the server log will be stored

logfile = None

do not rotate the logfile

logrotate = True

Send the log to the syslog server

syslog = False

setup a handler at LEVEL for a given PREFIX. An empty PREFIX indicates the root logger. This option can be repeated. Example: "openerp.orm:DEBUG" or "werkzeug:CRITICAL" (default: ":INFO")

log_handler = [':INFO']

specify the level of the logging. Accepted values: info, debug_rpc, warn, test, critical, debug_sql, error, debug, debug_rpc_answer, notset

log_level = info


SMTP Group – SMTP Configuration


specify the SMTP email address for sending email

email_from = False

specify the SMTP server for sending email

smtp_server = localhost

specify the SMTP port

smtp_port = 25

specify the SMTP server support SSL or not

smtp_ssl = False

specify the SMTP username for sending email

smtp_user = False

specify the SMTP password for sending email

smtp_password = False


Database related options


specify the database name

db_name = False

specify the database user name

db_user = openerp

specify the database password

db_password = openepgpwd

specify the pg executable path

pg_path = D:\Program Files\OpenERP 7.0-20131002-231025\PostgreSQL\bin\psql.exe

specify the database host

db_host = localhost

specify the database port

db_port = 5432

specify the the maximum number of physical connections to posgresql

db_maxconn = 64

specify a custom database template to create a new database

db_template = template1


Internationalisation options


translate_modules = ['all']


Security-related options


disable the ability to return the list of databases

list_db = True


Advanced options – Advanced options


enable debug mode

debug_mode = False

specify reference timezone for the server (e.g. Europe/Brussels")

timezone = False

Force a limit on the maximum number of records kept in the virtual osv_memory tables. The default is False, which means no count-based limit.

osv_memory_count_limit = False

Force a limit on the maximum age of records kept in the virtual osv_memory tables. This is a decimal value expressed in hours, and the default is 1 hour.

osv_memory_age_limit = 1.0

Maximum number of threads processing concurrently cron jobs (default 2)

max_cron_threads = 2

Use the unaccent function provided by the database when available.

unaccent = False


Multiprocessing options


Specify the number of workers, 0 disable prefork mode.

workers = 0

Maximum allowed virtual memory per worker, when reached the worker be reset after the current request (default 671088640 aka 640MB)

limit_memory_soft = 671088640

Maximum allowed virtual memory per worker, when reached, any memory allocation will fail (default 805306368 aka 768MB)

limit_memory_hard = 805306368

Maximum allowed CPU time per request (default 60)

limit_time_cpu = 60

Maximum allowed Real time per request (default 120)

limit_time_real = 120

Maximum number of request to be processed per worker (default 8192)

limit_request = 8192 [/options]


Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

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| 6 6 8
Gandhinagar, India
--Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.--

Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Your Odoo/OpenERP Solution, just an email away!

Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
On 12/31/13, 11:57 AM

This happens more often when the nightly does not help you download the web modules. Its recommended to use bzr if you are a technocrat! Thanks.

Torsten Francke
On 10/18/13, 7:13 AM

D:\ openerp7\openerp\addons\web is this dir there? and have it content?

yes that's right. and there also __init__.py and the other files

on 10/18/13, 11:29 AM

you have not install the web module, so download and add to this dir

initOS GmbH, Torsten Francke
on 10/28/13, 9:31 AM

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