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Check writing in US format

on 8/10/14, 9:21 AM 5,406 views

Hi Guys, I've recently migrated to the latest Odoo release where all the RML reports have been deprecated. Also I had used an account_check_writing module from beta version for the US check format I was looking for (check print at the middle) on letter size paper, which was working fine in Odoo 7 and Odoo 8. But now it's showing errors for DB changes after migration plus the RML reports are no more supported, and the available write check module of this version of Odoo is working but the check format is different.

Please let me know is there any other US check writing module that I can use here or how can I restore my previous US check format here.
Please help me with this, I need to fix it urgently. Any help would be appreciated :)


Did you find something? I'm about to start doing it myself.

Matt Taylor
on 12/4/14, 7:58 PM

Also looking for a solution to this. Specifically we are looking for a QWeb template using the US formatted checks. Would anyone who has set this up willing to share their QWeb template code for the benefit of all?

David Birchmier
on 1/2/15, 1:11 PM
Matt Taylor
On 1/2/15, 2:45 PM

There's a simple module here, that adds a report for US checks:


It doesn't override the Print Check button on the form view, so you have to choose the report from the Print menu.

I couldn't figure out how to get the css into a separate file, so it is in a <style> tag in the template.

I would much appreciate if someone would help me improve it.

Awesome! Now I have to ask a stupid question... Is it possible to install the module on the ONLINE (hosted) version of Odoo Apps v8? Or, is this for self-hosted Odoo instances. Told you I'm a newbie! :)

David Birchmier
on 1/2/15, 2:47 PM

David only Odoo written or community written, reviewed and accepted into master branch python code can be installed on an Odoo server (SaaS solution).

Stephen Mack
on 1/2/15, 3:20 PM

That does not mean that you can't have them install XML/CSS/IMAGES etc on the SaaS servers. Just no Python code.

Stephen Mack
on 1/2/15, 3:22 PM
Acknowledged, thanks.  Was the report portion of this written for qweb? 

David Birchmier

On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 2:22 PM, Stephen Mack <smack815@gmail.com> wrote:

That does not mean that you can't have them install XML/CSS/IMAGES etc on the SaaS servers. Just no Python code.

(I'm not an odoo employee just playing around with the signature feature)

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David Birchmier
on 1/2/15, 4:19 PM

Yes, this does use qweb. You could probably get this to work on a Saas install, without actually installing the module. You would create the elements through the Technical Settings interfaces. Make it part of the existing check writing module.

Matt Taylor
on 1/2/15, 4:37 PM

Thank you for all of your help thus far. I am getting closer, but haven't quite gotten it to work yet. I now have "US Check" available as an option in my Print menu when printing checks, but I receive this error: http://screencast.com/t/y0RnKUbBdLq This appears to be related to the code I'm using in the QWeb View report_check_us I am a Odoo newbie, but I am guessing there are some dependencies being called in that QWeb View that you have included in your custom module (.py files) that I haven't added to my SaaS install. Any suggestions on the next step? Thank you very much for your help, Matt & Stephen!

David Birchmier
on 1/3/15, 10:20 PM

Here is a check report example in Odoo, I don't know what your code looks like. https://github.com/odoo/odoo/blob/8.0/addons/account_check_writing/views/report_check.xml#L12

Stephen Mack
on 1/4/15, 7:05 AM

Hey Stephen - Yes, I started as that check report file as my base. I did make a few modifications because I think the SaaS version is a little different than the self-hosted version of Odoo. Line 12 for me is unmodified and that is what appears to be causing the error. (
) My guess offhand is that I need to install a dependency? I'm just not sure where to go from here. Sorry for my confusing response. I clearly don't understand this very well yet! :S

David Birchmier
on 1/4/15, 4:55 PM

I understand... however maybe you want to run the out-of-the-box report to see if you get the same error. If not then it probably is in your changes. Add them one at a time until you find the problem. Just a suggestion.

Stephen Mack
on 1/4/15, 5:27 PM

Also you probably want to start your own thread and reference Matt's answer/module. This is getting a little off topic of the original question.

Stephen Mack
on 1/4/15, 5:30 PM

Hey Stephen, Sorry I should have clarified that. I actually did start by testing the out of the box report. When I use that version I get an "Internal Server Error" and don't receive enough info to determine the error. Via comparing the official Odoo check report I was able to make a few small changes which allowed me to get to the point that it would actually read the file and not just show the "Internal Server Error" message.

David Birchmier
on 1/4/15, 5:30 PM

Ok and when you say Odoo SaaS, you are referring to the paid or free for two user service that Odoo hosts? If so then it comes with unlimited tech support (online@odoo.com). I would report that their own standard report does not work and let them fix it. After that you can modify it to suit your needs. Also you can try the report on a runbot.odoo.com test server to see if it gives you an error message as well.

Stephen Mack
on 1/4/15, 5:48 PM

When I mean SaaS I mean the free two user service. We're considering paying for the upgraded support, though. Sorry for the confusion, but the default report works A-OK. The custom report in US format that I downloaded does not work. I tried to combine the working official Odoo report with the custom US report I downloaded, but that did not work either and I wound up with the error in the screenshot. I'm sorry again for the confusion.

David Birchmier
on 1/4/15, 6:59 PM

Oh, yeah. That error is because you don't have a python file to provide the method "formatLang()". The python file for the standard report provides that method, but I don't know how to make the server use check_print.py for your new custom report.

Matt Taylor
on 1/5/15, 11:43 AM

I think you could get around that by changing: To: But, you will have the same problem with the fill_stars() method. The only way around this (that I know of), is to replace the template of the standard report with the new custom template. I don't think it will hurt anything, but you should probably test this in http://runbot.odoo.com/ first.

Matt Taylor
on 1/5/15, 11:51 AM

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