Can we apply seperate color to partilcular column in Tree View?


Dear Friends,

I am in a situation to change the colour of particular column's. In accounting for chart of accounts if balance is in negative(-) i have to show it in red colour for that particular account(Note: balance column only to be shown in red colour). So please reply if anyone knows if it is possible.Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it's possible using custom widget and quite simple.

you'll need to write your widget in javascript lets say with a name: "my_widget" 

under static/src/js/ folder in your module add javascript file with a custom widget (say static/src/js/mywidget.js):

 openerp.your_module_name = function (instance) {
    instance.web.list.columns.add('field.your_widget_name', 'instance.your_module_name.your_widget_name');
    instance.your_module_name.your_widget_name = instance.web.list.Column.extend({
        _format: function (row_data, options) {
            res = this._super.apply(this, arguments);
            var amount = parseFloat(res);
            if (amount < 0){
                return "<font color='#ff0000'>"+(-amount)+"</font>";
            return res
//here you can add more widgets if you need, as above...
// };

the above example widget can be used in a list view for field of type float and it displays a content in red if value < 0, also "hides" '-' sign. adapt it to your requirements.

don't forget to add javascript file to your module:

in v7.0 through manifest:


in v8.0 through XML file:

  <template id="assets_backend" name="your_module_name assets" inherit_id="web.assets_backend">
<xpath expr="." position="inside">
<script type="text/javascript" src="/your_module_name/static/src/js/mywidget.js"></script>
</xpath> </template>

then in your tree view, use this widget for the column you need to apply your rules to:

<tree >
    <field name="field_name" widget="my_widget"/>

do not forget to add 'web' as dependency in

'depends': ['web',....]

that's it.