BOM with Sets/Phantom along with automatic purchase order creation



Below is a quite complex scenario in openerp which i am trying to implement.

In openerp there's an option to deliver bill of materials when the sales order has a finished product. This is possible by specifying the BOM type as Sets/ Phantom. This required the product type to be manufacture and not buy.

There's also an option to generate automatically the purchase order on conforming the sales order. This requires the product type to be buy and not manufacture.

I would require both the functionality whereas openerp allows only one. Is there a way to do both. Kindly clarify. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Kevin Sawyer

(Bump!) We would also like to do this. We buy components then use them to create a new product (build-to-order) and we do it just in time (JIT). The final product is manufactured, but we'd like to create a purchase order for the components when confirming the sales order. This seems like it would be a fairly common scenario. Is there really no one here who can address this?