Barcode on delivery slip????

Jide Fash

Hi, is there a way to put a barcode on delivery slip ? so that all the pickers have to do is scan the barcode and it tells them what item to pick and where the item is located in your warehouse??

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Brett Lehrer
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Sure, it will take a custom module though.  I did something similar for Manufacturing.

Made a menuitem that opens an action to a wizard in a pop-up window.  The wizard takes in any text input, and has a confirm button.  You can either set the scanners to terminate any scan with a tab and carrige or bake that directly into the barcode on the RML report.  Just come up with a consistent syntax for the barcode parsing function in your wizard, e.g.: OPEN12345 will open the form page of record id=12345.  The RML report for the picking record can have a barcode added in simply by using <barcode> tags:

<barCode code="code128" barHeight="30">[[ 'OPEN%d\t\r' % ]]</barCode>

Notice that the '\t\r' is embedding a tab, followed by a carriage return to automatically complete the wizard form without having to click with the mouse.

If none of this makes any sense at all you'll need to get someone to write a module for you.