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[2014-09-18 - Final version released] Release date of Odoo 8 stable version on github

Haider Alleg
on 7/3/14, 2:05 AM 9,876 views


I am following the job on github, and waiting for a stable version of this awesome product to deploy in production.

Question: my client wants odoo setup on his server, so can't go online. He also wants to start during the summer. Mostly, this is the website builder / eCommerce that makes him smile.

  • Shall I create everything on openerp 7, and upgrade once it is ready and take care of the back-end first.
  • Shall I wait (depending on the days) odoo 8, and run everything from it?

If I could know when is the official release, that will be great! Cheers,


Hi Haider, I'd wait until the stable v8 is released as there are many great new features as you have mentioned. There is no easy upgrade path between major releases (eg. v7 to v8) that does not involve either a paid solution from Odoo (in which case they will handle the conversion for you), unless you are using their enterprise (hosted) solution.

Luke Branch
on 7/3/14, 4:37 AM

Many thanks. First time deploying odoo with our team, and switching from drupal/magento/wordpress CMS to odoo will not be easy first, but it is a learning curve I guess. So thanks again your experience is valuable to us here. We will wait.

Haider Alleg
on 7/3/14, 10:49 AM

Hi Haider, thanks for the reply. I'm by no means an expert on Odoo, and am just learning the ropes as well, however I have been working with Magento, wordpress, etc. for some time and am also looking to implement the CMS/E-commerce modules for Odoo v8 when it is released as it is a far more lightweight and intuitive solution than trying to integrate wordpress, magento, etc. with connectors and cron jobs to pull and push data. I'd highly recommend looking at the runbots (basically automated tests for various development branches) specifically the master branch that can be found here: http://runbot.odoo.com. Just click the blue arrow to take a look at one of the latest builds. The admin login details are admin (username) and admin (password).

Luke Branch
on 7/3/14, 11:58 PM

Hello, Thanks for the regularly updated answer and the full disclosure on the process. H

Haider Alleg
on 8/3/14, 6:35 PM

Grover Menacho

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Odoo Developer

Grover Menacho
On 7/7/14, 4:14 PM

Moved from Byron question.

Every release has their phases, on this case Odoo is changing from Odoo alpha version to RC. It doesn't mean that we're getting a stable version because fixes and changes happens all the time. But it's quite stable since you can start coding but maybe you'll have to change parameters of some functions. Maybe adapt to the new api if it's neccessary. But you can try the new version here: https://github.com/odoo/odoo

As you can see on this commit from today (2014-07-07): https://github.com/odoo/odoo/commit/139d868c9403b529e4a3d512e480208853e66246

We're on RC1

Update 1:

Antony Lesuisse message: 

The new api is now merged and the 8.0 branch has been pushed on github. Most  of the performance issues we had with the new api are now fixed and the speed  is roughly the same. We should see improvements as we move on to convert the  whole codebase to the new api (less switches from v8 <-> old). We are currently migrating to the new branch (internally and on the saas).  Here is a list of things still to do: - exporting translations - rename in a backward compatible way openerp -> odoo - fix the packaging - fix apps instalation - fix bugs that we will discover while migrating our online userbase Once this is done we will publish the new packages. In the mean time you may  already start your development on v8 as the database schema and api is now  frozen. We might break it if we find a huge problem that requires an api or  schema change, but this is unlikely.


Update 2 (2014-07-24) by Olivier Dony:

Hi, Quick update on the 8.0 release progress:

  • the migration scripts for 8.0 are finished, and Odoo.com should be upgraded in the coming days
  • the new packaging is almost finished, new nightly builds should appear soon on nightly.odoo.com
  • the export of the translations is being worked on, but still requires some work to correctly export and manage translations for Website-related resources (web pages, qweb templates, etc.). We will make an announcement as soon as translators can proceed with completing the translations.
  • the namespace renaming of openerp->odoo is ready (backwards compatible), but not merged yet
  • many bugs have been squashed in 8.0RC already, many regressions fixed, and several of these improvements made runbot 8.0 builds go from 25+min down to 15min including the full web crawling test and JS tour. Those builds also require close to 20% less SQL queries, while 8.0 was already doing much less than 7.0 thanks to the new API.

Many contributors have been testing the 8.0RC and helping us by sending pull requests, that's very helpful and we'll be sure to process them all, thanks!

By the way the process to release 8.0 has not changed, we're sticking to what we decided for saas-X series. 8.0 is just a regular saas-X branch: 7.0 -> saas-1 -> saas-2 -> saas-3 -> (saas-4) -> (saas-5) -> 8.0 -> saas-6...

And that's the very reason why 8.0 final is not released yet: it must go through the same stabilization process as all saas branches, even if that makes us miss some announced dates.

It takes longer than we expected this time because the 8.0 RC branch is much harder to stabilize than the previous saas-X branches, due to two extremely large changesets: the new WMS and the new API. Those are giant leaps that needed to happen at some point, and better now than later, as few would have been interested in a 8.0 LTS release without them.

We'll have to live with 8.0 for a while for on-site deployments!

As a reminder, the release steps are:

  1. 8.0 offline stabilization -> bugfixes <= WE ARE HERE
  2. 8.0 deployed on Odoo.com (migration) -> bugfixes
  3. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for new customers -> bugfixes
  4. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for all customers (migration) -> bugfixes
  5. 8.0 final release We're very close to step 2.

Steps 2-4 usually take a month or so for the average saas-X branch, but we know that this one is harder than the average.

That's where we stand right now.

If you want to make it happen sooner, please deploy and test the 8.0RC branch, review pull requests/fixes contributed by others, write patches for issues submitted by others, etc.

You're also welcome to start using the 8.0 RC branch for new customer projects: it is stable API-wise and the installation packages will be there soon as well.

By the time you get to pre-production tests the final version will likely be out.


Olivier Dony

Update 3:

You can check the state of development and check the transition from Launchpad to Github here: GitHub Transition 


Update 4 (2014-09-17) by Olivier Dony:

Hi everyone! Here's another quick update about the 8.0 release status.

  • Odoo.com has been running on 8.0 RC1 for several weeks and has become quite  stable after a lot of improvements and corrections.
  • The translation teams have been doing an incredible job and several teams  have almost reach 100%. We've fixed some important translation issues  (translations were not visible everywhere) and we're still working on some less  important issues. Don't worry if you don't see your latest translations yet in Github, more  translation synchronizations will takes place in the coming days.
  • 8.0RC is now deployed fully on Odoo Online for *new* customers and the  feedback has allowed us to make many more improvements.
  • We're now starting to migrate some existing customers from the previous  version (saas-3) to 8.0RC, improving further the migrations scripts and stability.

Quoting my previous list of release steps, we're thus very close to being able  to release the final version 8.0:

  1. 8.0 offline stabilization -> bugfixes <= WE ARE HERE
  2. 8.0 deployed on Odoo.com (migration) -> bugfixes
  3. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for new customers -> bugfixes
  4. 8.0 deployed on Odoo Online for all customers (migration) -> bugfixes
  5. 8.0 final release Thanks a lot to all contributors for your invaluable work!



Update 5 (2014-09-18) on GitHub: 

There is a final version released: [GITHUB]: [REL] Odoo 8.0

RC1 -> Final

version_info = (8, 0, 0, FINAL, 0)



Final announcement (2014-09-18) by Olivier Dony:

Dear Community, Odoo 8 has just been released!

You can try it online immediately on https://www.odoo.com/start and download  the final release on https://www.odoo.com/page/download

More information:


* Help us spread the word *

If you plan to write a blog about Odoo 8, you can embed the above presentation  using this simple snippet:

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="https://www.odoo.com/openerp_website/static/odoo8/index.html" style="border:0; width: 100%; height: 700px;"></iframe>


You can download the source of this presentation (for example to translate it)  here: https://www.odoo.com/openerp_website/static/odoo8_presentation.zip

You can also add a link to directly try Odoo 8 online without registration: https://www.odoo.com/start

The various fonts, colors and logos are available here: https://www.odoo.com/page/brand-assets Thanks!


Vasiliy Birukov

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--Vasiliy Birukov--

Help develop and implement any project on base Odoo.

Vasiliy Birukov
On 7/3/14, 3:36 AM


Is this date official?

on 7/3/14, 3:53 AM

I secon d the qusetion is this real?

Muszik Adrián
on 7/3/14, 4:29 AM

Hi Alex, A similar question was asked here: https://www.odoo.com/forum/Help-1/question/Will-Odoo-OpenERP-V-8-be-available-for-download-53776#answer-53884 from my understanding of the youtube videos from the OpenDay sessions (ie. Odoo seminar) the tentative date was announced as the 7/07/2014. If you are looking to deploy this in production I think you should give yourself a fair amount of extra time after that date. In the meantime if you want to grab the latest copy of the master branch (ie. development v8 branch) i'd recommend checking out this post: https://www.odoo.com/forum/Help-1/question/How-To-Install-Odoo-from-Github-on-Ubuntu-1404-For-Testing-Purposes-Only-ie-not-for-production-52627 although please note there is no easy way to upgrade to stable, so I would recommend using it more for testing until the stable is released.

Luke Branch
on 7/3/14, 4:32 AM

Thank you Luke. Yes I am testing and migrating data now but today is 3rd july and it is not stable. For this reason I doubt in four days could be.

on 7/3/14, 5:23 AM
Hi Alex,

I believe the different development branches are all being merged and tested currently. From my understanding however Odoo v8 will come out in it’s 8.0 stable release on the 7th.

From: Alex <aaprez-gmail-com@openerp.my.openerp.com>
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Thank you Luke. Yes I am testing and migrating data now but today is 3rd july and it is not stable. For this reason I doubt in four days could be.

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Luke Branch
on 7/3/14, 5:26 AM

Hi Alex, I've just seen the 8.0 branch appear in the runbots (runbot.odoo.com) so I believe this is the stable release for the v8 branch. I assume there will be an official announcement shortly once all tests have been run against the stable release branch.

Luke Branch
on 7/6/14, 11:17 PM
Haider Alleg
On 9/17/14, 11:42 AM

Hello guys,

Can anyone give an idea of when the v8 is ready for production. I am in disucssion with my clients to see what to do:

1. Wait for v8 stable and connect it with the CMS for leads (wordpress)


2. Start on v8 RC1 and upgrade when stable is ready (I do not know if upgrading on odoo is risky, easy or heavy)


3. Start on v7 and wait the v8 stable to upgrade. My client is looking at Odoo also for the Swiss BvR invoices integration, and I don't know if this is something that the v8 will have right away.

Thanks for helping

Please post this as a question. You are going to have better responses there

GH Mediacloud, Grover Menacho
on 9/17/14, 4:30 PM

But on my suggestion. I think that you can be start developing on Odoo 8 now. It's quite stable. Minor bugs are there but I don't think that they are going to change all the structure, only bug fixes so don't worry

GH Mediacloud, Grover Menacho
on 9/17/14, 4:32 PM

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