odoo9 : Can we configure workers and cron thread. If we haven't used any additional web server?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to configure the workers and cron thread in odoo configuration file.

Can we configure it directly, if we are using default http server of odoo, I am not using any additional web server, apache or nginx.

I've seen the calculation of workers, that how it does calculated based on cpu/cores.

Right now i've configured workers, and hard and soft memory I've used default one.

Is that only that the value of workers only need to be update, anything else need to configure along with this?

Looking forward.



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Xavier Brochard
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Yes, workers are not related to the use of a caching web server (Nginx, Apache, ...). Odoo will run faster.

But you may face problems with time limit exceeded or unsufficient memory for some requests. Before increasing related values you have to check the logs. Debug mode will provide more informations :

  • log_handler = :DEBUG

  • log_level = debug

Time limit values are :

  • limit_request

  • limit_time_cpu

  • limit_time_real

Memory values are :

  • limit_memory_hard

  • limit_memory_soft

After that, tweaking Postgresql  will help you too.

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Thanks for response, i will try with this.