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I would like to see source code examples of how to use an odoo function.  Is there a searchable index available?

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The initOS team has announced a new project:

They index almost all Odoo (and OpenERP) repositories that can be found on GitHub and Launchpad and you are able to search on three levels.

Full Text Search:

Provides a full text index of module description and name.


Module Meta Data:

Ability to search specific fields of the __openerp__ description file of each module


Module Code & Data:

Ability to search for models, fields, methods, views and data inside the module


The idea is to give the (open source) community a tool to cooperate and work together. So maybe you are looking if someone is migrating the magento connector to a new version so that you can work together and support them. Instead of asking the mailing list for the 20th time, just ask the code:

Search: magento version:8.0 

Or if you want to learn how to overwrite a special function, for example from a sale.order to generate a stock.picking, then you can search how other people deal with this, to improve your skills:

Search: inherit:sale.order method:_prepare_order_line_procurement 

The aim with this tool to give you an advantage if you publish your code and work together the open source way. Fancier features can be added in future. For example GitHub integration "this module has an open pull request for OCA, please review and help" Or include travis to see that this code we find is working correctly.

This is under development, so there may be some missing code or some parts not yet working, but the plan is to continue working on this project. If you like it and it makes your work easier, so that we all can build the best open source eco system together, send them a message thanking them.

Markus and initOS Developer Team 

Note: You can suggest a source code repository be added to the index by emailing:

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Very helpful when will be fully working, now the server can't process any of my queries...

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