WEBINAR - Track all your marketing campaigns with Odoo

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Odoo link tracker  

Track all your marketing campaigns from the first click to the final sale.


 Do you ever feel like your online marketing campaigns are a waste of money?

Use actionable data to make smarter marketing decisions. Track opportunities and related revenue from your campaigns into Odoo CRM.

How does it work ? No software / No code. Everything is streamlined into Odoo Website Management System.

  • Create your tracking link

  • Launch your marketing campaign

  • Gain insight your performances 

Why attend a webinar?

Webinars are live online demonstrations where one of our team members explains the main features and benefits of Odoo. We can answer any questions you may have during the Q&A.

Every webinar lasts approximately 45 minutes and is free to join.


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Sep 1 2015

10:00 AM 10:30 AM


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