To Customize Odoo or not? A decision support tool

In my recently finished thesis I’ve done research about Odoo customization in terms of business value for the customer. The result was a decision support tool which may help the Odoo partners and customers in the decision whether to customize Odoo or not in order to create the highest business value for the customer. 

In reality everyone is in favour of customization. But is customization always the most profitable option for the customer? In my presentation I will be answering the following 2 questions: (1) In what cases is Odoo customization profitable for the customer and (2) what are the defining parameters for this decision? By using the decision support tool both the Odoo partners and customers will be able to estimate the business value of the customization before even starting.

Date & time

06/06/2014 06:30


20 minutes

Functional / Lauzelle
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