Printshop: module for printing factory

OpenDays 2014

Openprintshop Is a vertical solution for the field of printing. Producing a printed depends on several design criteria : type of machine, type of media and different product options .

Based on the information entered, Openprintshop allow us to calculate the cost of sales depending on the machine and adequate support. This optimization function can also be used for other trades whose manufacture Is complex.

One interface Is used to calculate the selling price, product creation and the different classifications. The module is operational for version 8. This allows to create a website for online sales for printing in minutes and start production by different parameters.

Openprintshop Is the first module in the OpenSource world for business printing.

About The Author

Tarik Sindi Lallouch - General Manager,  PLVDESIGN - SPRINT

Tarik Lallouch, General Director ISHHAR Group (group of printing compagnies) Secretary General of the Association of Printers Morocco. He started to use openerp with tiny version 4.2 in 2008, Is to follow the evolution of openerp since the mentionned year. Having never done training development python, Tarik Lallouch Is self- trained developments OPENERP modules.

Practical Info

06/06/2014 08:00
20 minutes
Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)