How to integrate Dynatree, D3Chart, jscolor, and other JS libraries

OpenDays 2014

This presentation will allow you to understand how to create new innovative web modules for OpenERP, by reusing existing third party javascript libraries.
Three examples will first be demoed, (JSColor, Dynatree, D3 Chart) then we will explain what are the different steps to create such a module.

About The Author

Christophe Combelles

Christophe founded Anybox in 2010 with Georges Racinet to offer implementation services on OpenERP. He helped growing the company from 2 to 10 people and has worked on several development projects on top of OpenERP in Paris, France.

He formerly was Python Engineering Manager at Alter Way, vice-president of the French Python Association (AFPY) and has also been working as a freelance software engineer since 2004.

Practical Info

06/04/2014 09:30
20 minutes
Developers / Foyer du Lac