Collect debugging information from live Odoo server using Sentry

OpenDays 2014

Maxime will explain you how they use Sentry to analyse Odoo logs and be pro-active on their customer implementation and work on bugs, even before the user contact them.

Sentry Screenshot

About The Author

Maxime Chambreuil

Maxime Chambreuil is an ERP and CRM consultant in Montreal, with a background in Information Systems Engineering and Free Software. Maxime contributed the Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) and Canadian Accounting modules to OpenERP, in addition to many translations and bug reports. Maxime is part of the 23-reviewers team and one of the founder of the OpenERP Community Association. Maxime has been working for Savoir-faire Linux since 2004. Apart from leading the OpenERP team, he is also the Quality, Environment and Security Director of the company.

Practical Info

06/05/2014 06:00
20 minutes
Developers / Foyer du Lac