The Art of Prospecting

This talk should cover the impact of correct prospecting for potential Odoo clients in order to win them over. Especially, the dos and don’ts will be addressed to the audience of partners, and potential partners thinking of joining the partnership program.

Additionally, I would like to mention the financial impact our leads and opportunities have for the partners’ business success. It's especially important to highlight the well done lead qualifications and the following steps performed by the partners.

For this I would also like to emphasize the importance of a trustful and close collaboration between the Account Managers and the implementing Odoo Partners. The Odoo partners have to know how to correctly prospect and approach the leads and opportunities assigned by the Account Managers, as this transition is crucial for the collaboration. It is also essential that Odoo Partners follow up on the leads in due time and on a regular basis. This follow-up is also done by the Account Managers to serve the clients’ needs and questions.

Last, I will also provide some tips and tricks for new partners on how to prospect the clients to close the first deal. Over the last months I experienced that it is exceptionally difficult for new Odoo Partners to close their first deal. For this first deal it is important to work closely together with the Account Managers to prospect the potential client in the best possible way. The collaboration between Account Managers and Odoo Partners can provide both parties with the learning effect to help them enhance the experience and product knowledge.


Hans Marius Borutta (hbo)

Date & time

10/05/2017 12:30


20 minutes

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