Odoo Experience 2016

Education: How HOWEST University teaches 1st bachelor of Applied Computer Science

  • 10/07/2016 04:30
  • Education / Hocaille (-1)

We have been using Odoo for three years now as an introduction to ERP in the first bachelor of Applied Computer Science of HOWEST. We started using the case studies of OpenWood. These have been rewritten by us several times as new versions and new ideas came up. Last year two consultancy students also implemented Odoo as ERP and webshop for a real client. ...

Education: How EPHEC teach bachelors of accountancy

  • 10/07/2016 05:00
  • Education / Hocaille (-1)

We used to explain to our students (EPHEC Business University College) the advantages of working with a complete business management system to centralize the information, to use the same computer tool in the whole company and to share the same information. With Odoo, it became possible to give a practical approach of an ERP in the classroom. Each student manages its own data base as if he is one of the managers of the company (sales, purchase, production, general manager), so that he can concre...

Education: How ICC is using Odoo in flipped classrooms

  • 10/07/2016 06:00
  • Education / Hocaille (-1)

I've been working in flipped classroom for the last 4 years. The flipped classroom is the principle where the students learn the theory at home and come to classes for the exercises. During this presentation, I will show you the advantage of using Odoo for IT Bachelors. From the challenge to create an ERP for a company and the possible issues they encounter, what solution is the best? What are the advantages that Odoo offers? My students get familiar with Python code, Odoo API, ERP implementati...

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