AMA With CTO Antony Lesuisse & Guru Olivier Dony: performance and scalability, community processes, and framework

Odoo Experience 2016

Get a chance to ask all your questions related to performance and scalability, community processes and framework!

Our two main Gurus from the Belgian R&D team will share their secrets with you! 

About The Author

Antony Lesuisse - Chief Technical Officer, Odoo

Antony is Odoo's CTO since 2008. He oversees 150+ in-house developers and looks after the community of 2,000 developers.

Olivier Dony - Software & SaaS Engineer, Security team, Odoo

Olivier joined the Odoo team in 2009. As an R&D software engineer, he specializes in the technical aspects of the Odoo framework, the stability of the overall product, and all performance aspects.

He has a key role in the Odoo Online Platform team as well, designing and running the Odoo SaaS platform, and leads the Odoo Security team.

He also tries to follow the activities of the Odoo Community globally, helping and connecting contributors with the Odoo team.

Practical Info

10/06/2016 09:00
50 minutes
Developers / Foyer du Lac