Agile implementation of a vertical for High School Management

Odoo Experience 2016

The talk will present the result of a project during which Odoo was used to help the "Conservatoire de Liège" to implement the new "Paysage" regulation. The project has been implemented using an AGILE approach and cloud services.

Both allowed the project to deliver a solution in a very tight schedule (6-8 weeks).
During the session we will look into the different tools and techniques used to implement the project and what were the benefits of using those tools.

A demonstration of the solution will be presented

About The Author

Jerome Sonnet

Jerome Sonnet is an IT engineer and an Actuary. After 15 years working in small and big companies he decided in early 2016 to start a business in data management and looking towards implementing data sciences. helps SMEs to get more value from their information using data sciences and cloud technologies. - Because Information Matters

Practical Info

10/07/2016 06:30
20 minutes
Education / Hocaille (-1)