Odoo Mobile Development Framework & Apps built with It

Odoo Experience 2015

- Material Design, New components in Odoo Framework - Super fast speed on Low speed Network (using Volley) - Instant Notification - Documentation of Odoo Framework - Roadmap of Odoo Mobile Framework and Apps

About The Author

Mantavya Gajjar (mga)

Mantavya is the Managing Director of Odoo India office working since June-2006. He was able to build the team of 100+ people at India office, beside setting up the development of a highly skilled team, he has also activated support & maintenance, offshore and sales teams to sale in some of the Asian countries. Mantavya initiated a lot of key development projects on Odoo, including Odoo Web client and Mobile.

Practical Info

06/04/2015 09:00
20 minutes
Developers / Hocaille (-1)