Odoo 9 - Functional Training in English, Online

Ticket Type Last Day to Register Price
Full Training
Unlimited 2,356.36 2000.0 USD
DAY 1: CRM & Sales
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 2: Billing & Accounting
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 3: Website & e-Commerce
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 4: Marketing
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 5: Point of Sale
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 6: Project Management
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 7: Human Resources
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 8: Purchase
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 9: Warehouse Management
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
DAY 10: Manufacturing
Unlimited 247.42 210.0 USD
Odoo 9 Online Functional Training in English (10 days)


Course summary:
This modular course is dedicated to partners, integrators and end-users who want to get a better functional understanding of Odoo. This course is meant to give an overview of the core Odoo features allowing for a general understanding of the software.

1 to 10 days (depending on which days you register for)

Having attended this course, participants should be able to:
  • Understand the functional concepts of Odoo;
  • Work with Odoo on a daily basis;
  • Configure Odoo using the standard functionalities.

Our prices include:
  • Videos with detailed demos;
  • Hands-on case studies & tips;
  • Live Q&A sessions with a trainer.

Computer and internet connection. Having Odoo installed on your computer is not a requirement as the online training comes with a personal SaaS instance that will be used throughout the week. 
If you have a question concerning the content of the training, please contact india-training@mail.odoo.com.

Structure of the Training
Each day of the week is dedicated to specific applications in Odoo as per the following planning:

1st week:
  • Monday: CRM & Sales
  • Tuesday: Billing & Accounting
  • Wednesday: Website & e-Commerce
  • Thursday: Marketing
  • Friday: Point of Sale

2nd week:
  • Monday: Project Management
  • Tuesday: Human Resources
  • Wednesday: Purchase
  • Thursday: Warehouse Management
  • Friday: Manufacturing

Each day of the week from 02:30 PM (IST Time) to 5:30 PM (IST Time), a Q&A session will be hosted by an Odoo trainer. Each day, the participants are expected to have done the following BEFORE attending the Q&A session:

  • Watch the videos for this day;
  • Do the related exercises;
  • Send their questions by email before 5 PM (IST Time) on the previous business day.

The Online Training and Q&A session will be hosted at https://goo.gl/koaBWW (will become private accessible for the paid customer only)

Training Material:
Once payment is confirmed the participants will be provided with the material listed below. There is an advantage to register early if you are interested in preparing for your live sessions ahead of time. The number of participants is limited per online session which is another reason to consider registering early and securing your seat.

Cancellation Policy: 
The organization of the training session has related costs. Due to these costs, cancellations made less than 2 weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the start of the training session is a subject to a fee. This fee can be up to a maximum of 1000 per cancellation request.
For any additional information, please contact us at events@odoo.com.  


(Odoo reserves the right to cancel, re-name or re-locate
the event or change the dates on which it is held.)

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Nov 23 2015
Dec 4 2015

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