How does this course works?

This course spans over 7 weeks, with very heavy weeks at the beginning (almost 100% of your time is dedicated to learning Odoo) and lighter weeks as we approach the end of the course.

The first 2 weeks? You're at 100% 

This course is pretty heavy at the beginning as we ask you to basically dedicate 100% of your time to Odoo. During these 2 weeks, the goal is to give you an insight on the main modules: CRM, Sales, Accounting, Manufacturing, Purchase, etc. We truly recommend you to stick on the planning if you want to see the whole content and prepare yourself for the Odoo Functional Certification. Do not panic, it is easy when you are well prepared.

As you can see below, this onboarding is composed of various materials: Business Games, Videos, Q&A Sessions and two Use cases. All the instructions are given in the sections below.

You can find the original planning (Google Spreadsheet) in the links of this course item (in the left column)

What happens after the first two weeks?

After the first two weeks, you will spend the next 5 weeks between your regular job at your company (as a BA or PM) and a couple of Odoo courses and meetings. You can expect week 3 to take around 60% of a FTE week, decreasing steadily to 20% for the last week of the course. Currently, our last week of the course is week 7 but this is subject to change depending on feedback we receive or if we believe the course needs to be extended with additional material. 

How to do the onboarding?

Onboarding superheroes to the rescue 

If you decide to follow the course with the help of our Odoo Onboarding superheroes, you will have a follow-up during your training in week 1 and 2. You will also have the opportunity to get further help and meetings during week 3-7. During these group sessions and 1-to-1 meetings, we will check your knowledge level, give you extra information on specific topics through extra exercises and examples, shared experiences, anecdotes, etc. and help you solve some exercises. We will also review the use cases with you as these are topics that cannot be addressed alone. We cannot emphasize enough that the real value of this training lies in the support that you get from our team or from any experienced onboarder.

We recommend that someone from your company follows the onboarding course at least once for the benefit of future onboarders. At the moment, the course takes around 35-40 hours of an Odoo employee’s time to complete. If you want to consider following this course, we recommend contacting your Account Manager.

Who is it for?

Newcomers to the world of Odoo

This course is a toolbox that aims to help individuals that wish to start their journey on becoming a great Odoo Business Analyst. This does not mean that the course is only for those newly graduated from school. The primary target is individuals who do not have a lot of experience in managing projects in Odoo.

The "Odoo Implementation Methodology" format

Something that might be new to you

In some of the course material, you will learn an extensive amount on the "Odoo Implementation Methodology" (OIM), also known as the "QuickStart" approach at Odoo. OIM is the approach we have chosen over the years and has proven to be a good fit for 80% of our clientele. We do agree that for bigger projects (>100-150 users on multiple applications or clients requiring extensive development), you will likely switch to a different approach. However, even for larger projects (several thousands of users), we still refer to OIM as a guideline. This course follows the OIM methodology but a lot of topics (e.g. importing data, a course specifically on accounting, ROI analysis) are also explored that are useful for any methodology.

Is it only about functional aspects?

Most of the course will be centered around functional aspects. As an Odoo Project Manager (PM), your main mission will be to understand how Odoo works and how to determine the best configuration for your clients. You will also follow a lot of sessions focused on becoming an elite Project Manager. In addition to the PM and functional aspects, you will also have introductory sessions on sales and technical aspects. We believe these topics are vital parts of a PM’s learning. As the main contact person on a project, you need to understand how the sales world works at Odoo, how we work with you, and also how to best communicate with technical resources.

Tasks format

The course is located on our eLearning platform. The format is divided into different sections per week which are then split into tasks. An example of this can be seen on the left of this page. Tasks can take from 20 minutes to several hours. The longest tasks will take a maximum of 4 hours.

Each task will be divided in 4 chapters:

  1. "Why this task?": Where we quickly explain why we think this task is important for you as a Project Leader.

  2. "How to handle it": Where we give you some tips and tricks on how to succeed.

  3. "What is this task about": Main content of the task.

  4. "Output": Where we expect you to check your newly acquired knowledge against the content that was delivered through this task.

Do not hesitate to comment and provide feedback for each course item on what was good and what could be improved. We want this course to be an instrument for improvement. We have already done this internally and the feedback received has already shaped the current format in many ways. We have kept in mind that the current format may need to be adapted for an audience outside of Odoo internal and your feedback will be vital in informing the direction of this.

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