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Hermes d.o.o.

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Hermes d.o.o.
Prušnikova 2
1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid
+386 1 51 04 210

Hermes is an experienced and trusted software company dedicated to delivering innovative Business Solutions to all sized businesses across the region. We take the time to understand your business and your needs in order to provide you the most effective solutions. We’ll free up your time and streamline your processes, so that you can reduce your costs, focus on your business and achieve your goals faster.
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EURO-T, Nina Sorčan s.p.
EURO-T, Nina Sorčan s.p.
Euro-T is a wholesale Company buying and selling clothes, especially T-shirts, vestibules, polo shirts, accessories’ for restaurants, etc. for different customers. They have suppliers from entire Europe, and they specialize in branding clothes with logos for various Slovenian companies.

Euro-T solved many of their challenges with Odoo. They implemented webpage, which gave them a nice visibility on the market. Also they are using CRM, sales and purchase to manage their entire business. Sales reports were also a big pain point in the past, but now they have them in the touch of the hand. With over 50% growth in revenue each year their next focus is eCommerce and a modern B2B portal, which is to be implemented by the end of this year.