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Easily create appealing online surveys

Design, share and analyze in three intuitive steps

One platform to manage it all: automate appraisals, satisfaction surveys, marketing campaign, feedback forms, etc.

Design and test your survey

Create appealing and clear survey forms with no effort thanks to Odoo’s intuitive building blocks where you immediately see how it looks like. Edit inline content at any time.

Share and collect data

Share your surveys rapidly with Odoo's built-in sharing system. Communicate about your surveys in just a few clicks.

Analyze answers

No need to synchronize results with your database. Odoo takes care of it automatically! Obtain results and view results charts in real time.

Immediately benefit from the results

Use your surveys’ results to strengthen your strategy and improve your business’ performance!


Simple and intuitive
from design to analysis

Gathering information is no longer time consuming

Easy from the start thanks to an extremely user-friendly interface, Odoo Surveys allows you to create and edit surveys with no effort. React to your marketing needs and provide studies anytime. Run your statistics, measure response rates and extract the analysis in a few clicks. Don’t waste time on the process and focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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Lead automation


Design campaigns, refine segmentation, automate actions and track performance.



Erhalten Sie eine tolle Unternehmens-Website. Voll anpassbar und SEO-freundlich.



Gewinnen Sie mehr Interessenten mit einer Marketingstrategie voll überzeugender Inhalte.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Gestalten Sie effiziente E-Mail-Kampagnen. Senden, konvertieren und verfolgen Sie ihren Erfolg.

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