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ALPINTER SA Manufacturing
Alpinter - Europe’s
largest stockpile holder of emergency items. Alpinter is a Belgian based
company specialized in the tent production and development, emergency response
shelter supplies and supply of a variety of non-food items needed by the
The company specializes in manufacturing of high-quality metal structures,
equipment and system components for various applications, and provides
metal processing, preparation, assembly, installation and raw material
management services.
Allinova B.V. Manufacturing
Allinova is een erkend en deskundig bedrijf met ruim een decennium aan ervaring op het gebied van specialistische chemicaliën voor diverse technische industrieën. Onze kernmarkten omvatten de papier-, textiel-, bouw-, verpakkings- en chemische industrie die we bedienen met oplossingen in plaats van slechts producten.
Onze belangrijkste kenmerken zijn innovatieve ontwikkeling, kwalitatieve productie en efficiënte supply chain management. Deze belangrijke kenmerken hebben bewezen van essentieel belang te zijn voor de duurzame relaties die we hebben kunnen ontwikkelen in de afgelopen tien jaar.
Almasa Porcelain Factory Manufacturing
"Nobles Group operates in various business industries such as but not limited to: Road / Bridges Construction, Industrial Fabrication, Assembling Factory, Education, General Transport, General Trading, Advertising/Media, and Real Estate.
The group had approached Appness technology to implement the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for their subsidiaries to better manage and control their operations efficiently and effectively
The group has seven companies, and the system was implemented for all of them, the companies are:
1. Nobles Group (holding company)
2. Almasa Porcelain Factory
3. RAK Ceramics Investment Sudanese Co. Ltd.
4. United
5. Nobles Railways
6. Nobles Real Estate & Construction Company
7. Tana for Roads and Bridges"
Aurika Manufacturing
UAB Aurika is one of the leading packaging and label manufacturers and flexographic
printing companies in the Baltic countries. UAB Aurika is in operation since 1991.
Barista Technology BV Manufacturing
Barista Technology Ltd is a startup company founded by two students from the Technical University of Delft. We love good coffee and we find that the quality of the coffee can be increased. We use our background in engineering to improve the coffee quality. Barista Technology is developing innovative products that enhance the quality of coffee.
Borit nv Manufacturing
Borit is a world-class manufacturer of high precision sheet metal hydroformed components and assemblies. Utilizing our continuous coil fed hydroforming technology, Borit provides a full cycle service. This includes conceptual and detailed design, material selection, prototyping and entry into high volume production. The engineering and manufacturing competencies of Borit are drawn from a wide field of industries and subject matter experts.
Bönning+Sommer GmbH & Co.KG Manufacturing
Bönning & Sommer betreibt seit über 25 Jahren eine vollständige Fertigung sowie das entsprechende Fullfilment von Bettware.
DAES SA Manufacturing
Engineering company providing service for challenging design issues:
• FE (Finite Elements) & FV (finite Volumes) Simulations to predict complex system behaviors
• Specific software solutions for scientific simulations
• Functional and safety studies, incl. documentation
• Design and Construction of prototypes and Engineering demonstrators, incl. measures, tests and qualifications
• Earthquake engineering
• Training and support in mechanical engineering & simulations and safety analysis
DIY Egypt Manufacturing
DIY Egypt provides high qualified products, resources, and knowledge to make handy arts and decorations and crafts, from remodeling to repairing to crafts, through step-by-step photos and videos to get any project done right.
Dries Machinery BVBA Manufacturing
Dries Machinery wordt uitgebaat door Jef Dries.
Jef beheert zijn offertes, facturen en herstellingen in het Odoo systeem.