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Business needs in the Colombian market

Colombia companies are facing an accounting evolution, subject to new fiscal regulations in order to adopt the Electronic Invoice model. According to the DIAN this model will bring the following benefits:

  • Improves the traceability and security of operations
  • Improves collection management
  • Improve the administrative process
  • Reduce the risk of physical documents lost

Considering all the information that companies need to send to DIAN in compliance with the fiscal requirements, the integration and consolidation of data along different business processes and departments is a key feature in systems that companies use.

Colombian localization features in Odoo 13

Benefits of Colombian localization in Odoo 13

  • Compliance with the main fiscal policies and regulations in Colombia
  • Store and preserve Electronic Invoice documents in your database
  • Generate  tax retention certificates for your vendors in just a few clicks
  • Integrated accounting transactions with your different business cycles
  • Centralize the data required for the DIAN reports in a single database
  • Become a paperless company
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