Version control

Engineering change orders

Improve products and bills of materials (BoMs) with isolated engineering change orders (ECOs). Doing so prevents errors in and disruption of ongoing production because of new tests and changes.

BoM changes

Alter components, operations, component picking instructions, work center details, operation duration, as well as design and CAD files.


View and compare all changes between production and revised BoMs in a dedicated ECO tab.

Latest BoM version

The latest approved BoM is *always* displayed to operators working on new manufacturing processes, so there's never confusion about BoM versions.

BoM update

Update existing draft manufacturing orders to use the newly approved BoM with a single click. Existing and ongoing manufacturing orders continue with using the old BoMs, to avoid disruptions.


Make fully traceable and reversible changes to the BoM.

Apply rebase

Manage merge conflicts in concurrent ECOs targeting the same BoM. If the production BoM is updated after creating an ECO, synchronize the ECO with the new production BoM with a single click.


Automatically generate new ECOs based on feedback via submissions to an email alias, or directly from Odoo's Manufacturing or Shop Floor apps.


Operators can suggest changes to worksheet instructions *during* production. Images, PDFs, and Google docs can be added to help describe the change.


Upload, archive, and manage design files in each ECO. After applying the changes, the new files are automatically linked to the production BoM. Archived files are removed from the BoM, but are still accessible in the ECO.

Project management

ECO type

Track and organize changes in a project for the ECO type. Add relevant collaborators from other teams to ensure they *only* view and assist with relevant BoM improvements.


Set unique project stages (milestones) for each ECO type to track progress before applying BoM changes. Customizable stages to reflect each team's unique process.


Require approvals from an approver to prevent mistakes and premature actions. Approval requests are generated automatically when the ECO is moved to the next stage.


Invite relevant collaborators from different teams to each ECO. Log all ideas, approvals, and activities in one accessible place to keep everyone updated on changes.

Schedule activities

Easily create scheduled activities (e.g., tasks, development specs, meetings) with assigned deadlines for team members to efficiently manage product changes.



View all the ECOs for a product from one place, to track all the component, operation, design file changes.

Effective date

View the exact date and time a BoM version was used to manufacture a product.


Odoo Inventory icon

Map out the procurement details (vendor information, vendor pricelist, delivery lead time, other procurement details) of newly components used in the revised BoM.

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Contact team members.