Partner programma

The Odoo eco system is designed to offer the best customer experience to Odoo users, from the product to implementation services. In order to guarantee that, the Odoo Partner Program ensures that official partners have the resources and knowledge required to offer Odoo implementation services.

The Odoo Official Partner label is dedicated to companies that offer quality services on Odoo.
From a customer point of view, working with an official partner guarantees that the partner:

Is volledig getraind in Odoo

Has access to Odoo Enterprise source code on Github and latest bug fixes

Has a direct relationship with Odoo SA
to escalate issues

Publiceer referenties rechtstreekt

Follows a transparent ranking system
Ready - Silver - Gold

Gets access to training sessions (updated weekly)

Partners inzet

Een officiële Odoo partner verbindt zich om:

  • Trainen hun personeel door Odoo trainingssessies te laten volgen
  • Wordt een gecertificeerde Odoo partner
  • Have dedicated resources assigned to Odoo projects
  • Be available for periodic review meeting with Odoo SA account managers
  • Be the first level of support for his Odoo customers and use Odoo SA for the second level of support (mostly for bug fixes)
  • Promoot Odoo Enterprise aan zijn klanten

Voordelen voor een partner

Officiële Odoo partners genieten van:

  • De Odoo Enterprise Github repositories voor al zijn ontwikkelaars
  • The ability to report bugs to be fixed by Odoo on behalf of his customer (Enterprise contracts    only) 
  • Access to an Account Manager at Odoo SA to discuss strategic, sales and service issues
  • Visibility and recognition, by being listed as an official partner on Partners page
  • Tot 20% commissie op Odoo Enterprise verkopen, afhankelijk van het partnership niveau
  • Yearly upgrade training sessions when a new version is released
  • Toegang tot het partner portaal
  • Odoo verkoop trainingssessie
  • Toegang tot de Odoo kennis basis

Partner niveau's

Partners zijn gerangschikt op hun niveau van ervaring in Odoo.

Ready partners are new partners that have a limited number of references. Silver partners have experience deploying Odoo and have a significant number of implementations. Gold partners are amongst the top 15% most active partners in the Odoo eco-system.




Nieuwe Odoo enterprise gebruikers/ jaar no commitment 50 Gebruikers 100 Gebruikers
Zichtbaarheid Klaar categorie Zilver categorie Goud categorie
Odoo Enterprise korting 10% 15% 20%
Betrokkenheid account manager Modereer Gemiddeld Hoog

Kost partner programma

De partnership jaarlijkse kost is 3950.0 / jaar
voor alle voordelen die hierboven vermeld zijn.

The partnership fee includes activities in one country. If you want to extend the agreement to different countries, we charge 1500 / year per extra country.

We raden nieuwe partners aan om te starten met een partner succes packs, in order to get all services and coaching required to start selling and deploying Odoo.

Our partnership managers will contact you to assess the mutual advantage of a partnership between our companies. We reserve the right to accept or refuse new partners. 

Interested? Schedule a call with an Odoo Partnership expert