Odoo オンラインサクセスパック


Visit the 料金ページ を入力すれば、お客様のニーズに応じた適切なパックをご提案いたします。





以下の場合にお勧めです。 シンプルなアプリ
高度なアプリ ,
25 時間 50 時間 100 時間 200 時間
Email & Phone Support
オンサイトコンサルティング *
アプリのカスタマイズ **
Development (Code)
Hours Expire after

1 年

1 年

1 年

1 年

2 度目以降のお客様 3600.0 USD 7000.0 USD 12500.0 USD 25000.0 USD
新規顧客(15% オフ)*** 3060.0 USD 5950.0 USD 10625.0 USD 21250.0 USD

* Travel time billed; Travel expenses billed separately.
** Only when the 'Studio' app is licensed - extra monthly charges apply for the maintenance of all code developed.
*** A 15% の割引が新規ユーザーの初回パックに、自動的に 適用されます。


ご質問に対する答えがこのページにない場合は、アカウントマネージャーにご連絡ください アカウントマネージャー.

The Success Packs include a package of premium services by a dedicated consultant. During the implementation phase, you will have an Odoo consultant assigned to you to analyze your requirements and configure your Odoo apps according to your needs. The consultant will also train you on how to use each Odoo app, and coach you on how you can best use Odoo's features to grow your business. Your consultant will also customize any Odoo apps - provided that you opted for the 'Custom apps' - and have included Odoo Studio in your subscription. Based on the apps you selected on the pricing page, a recommended pack will be preselected that best fits the typical number of hours needed to start using Odoo successfully. Our consultants will help you get started with Odoo and support you as you leverage apps to grow your business.

導入前に、弊社のコンサルタントが御社のビジネス方法を分析し、Odoo の最適な利用方法をご提案します。構築から Odoo の使用方法のコーチングまで、お任せください。このサービスは予定されたセッション(電話またはインターネット)で体系化され、そこでコンサルタントはお客様のニーズをより掘り下げて分析し、オフィシャル Odoo アプリの既存の機能的可能性に沿った改善点を見つけ出します。トレーニング資料を用意してありますので、常に最新の Odoo アプリをご利用いただけます。

For advanced needs, such as custom development (writing code), you can work with us or an official Odoo partner. Our official partners offer project management services, Odoo development, training and on-premise installation and integration services. Development completed by Odoo is charged by the hour. Some Partners also charge for their services per hour of consulting or development.

It depends on your skills and the amount of time you have to dedicate to your project. We offer free online training and completing it might help you understand the level of skills you would need in order to self-implement.

Visit the 料金ページ and we will recommend a Success Pack based on the combination of users and apps you select. Based on our experience with thousands of implementations, we recommend a pack sized with enough hours so that 80% of our customers can deploy Odoo successfully with only one pack. The most common reasons you would buy an extra Success Pack are (1) complex data imports (unorganized data or abnormally large volumes), (2) additional complex customizations (resulting in longer lead times), or (3) needing additional training for employees prior to completion of an implementation. You may also elect to purchase an additional Success Pack after implementation because you want to make your solution evolve over time as your company grows.