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CodeScene AB
CodeScene AB Informatique/Communication
From book to startup.
CodeScene by Empear is a Swedish startup that develops the CodeScene code analysis tool. It all started in 2015 when Adam Tornhill published his ground-breaking book, Your Code As A Crime Scene. This book marked the beginning of a radically new approach to software analysis focused on the evolution of a codebase over time, which makes it possible to prioritize technical debt based on the likely business impact.
The book had a significant influence and since then Adam has presented his ideas in conferences around the world. In a short time, the concept of the "hotspot", borrowed from the field of forensic psychology, has become a standard term in the software industry.
Fully exploring these ideas, however, required code analysis tools that did not yet exist. So CodeScene, a new code analysis tool, was born; a powerful and predictive analytics tool that gives software stakeholders a new vision of their software projects with specific and actionable information that enables software organizations to increase their delivery efficiency.
CodeScene today is used by companies around the world, and independent studies have confirmed that CodeScene is the best tool for managing technical debt. CodeScene remains a fast-moving technology on the cutting edge of software analytics.
Edge Technology AB
Edge Technology AB Informatique/Communication
We offer companies and public companies solutions that give them increased opportunities to run their businesses more profitably and sustainably. Our solutions consist of CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and warehouse vending machines.
Linserv AB
Linserv AB Informatique/Communication
Since 2002 Linserv has been helping companies and organisations to implement Open Source technology and systems. We provide our customers with both Business applications and IT infrastructure service. In this way we effectively bridge "the gap" between good infrastructure and good business solutions.
Unibap AB publ.
Unibap AB publ. Informatique/Communication
nibap’s vision is to use innovative and world-leading artificial intelligence to employ automation solutions for a more effective and a more sustainable industry, both on Earth and in outer space – something that will lead to a better, more sustainable living
VNext AB
VNext AB Informatique/Communication
VNext AB Details
We provide all the hardware, software and expertise necessary to create a true open access network on fibre infrastructure. The hardware is standard and the software is proprietary. Such owners of fibre infrastructure can be municipalities, energy companies, real-estate owners and developers, telcos and private equity. We sign a long term agreement with these fibre owners to manage the network. We contract and enable multiple service providers on that network. End-users can select their preferred provider and choose services from our portal. Such services are immediately provisioned. The End-User pays his service provider, who pays us and we in tern share that revenue with the fibre owner.