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Origina Ltd.
Origina Ltd. Informatique/Communication
Origina is a provider of IBM software licenses, management and support. Their accounts team was tired of using old and clunky Sage Accounting software and they came to Odoo looking for a replacement of Sage Line 50 which didn't actually work with multiple currencies and multiple companies properly. We helped them get to Odoo v12 and then upgraded them to v13 with full accounting features and Odoo purchase management features.
Target Integration Ltd.
Target Integration Ltd. Informatique/Communication
Target Integration was incorporated in 2008 to provide CRM & ERP solutions to the SME sector in the UK & Ireland. They have been working with Odoo (then OpenERP) since it was version 6.1. Odoo has grown and so has Target Integration and at this stage, we have a 20 strong team working on Odoo only.

Target Integration has since evolved into a specialist partner focusing on the areas of Sales, Warehouse, and Accounting & Subscriptions on Odoo. They have a highly experienced team of consultants who help you get your ERP live in the shortest period giving you the best value from your investment.

Target Integration operates in three specific areas – Business Management and Automation; Software Consultancy & Configurations and Cloud Migration. They provide you with fully managed cloud servers for your Odoo installation and support you with your Odoo cloud Installation.

They have also contributed to the app store with several Odoo extensions that address very specific needs in the market. You can check them out here:

Target Integration has three offices in the UK, Ireland, and India:
Target Integration UK - Birmingham B3 1RB, United Kingdom | t - +44 121 285 5684 |
Target Integration Ireland - Dublin D24 DKP4, Republic of Ireland | t - +353 1 886 5684 |
Target Integration India - Haryana 122015, India | t +91 98 117 97 554 |
They also have a development office in Greece. Target Integration Ltd., Rohit Thakral

Target Integration Odoo Team -
“ We are Odoo Partners!” - Rohit Thakral, CEO