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DISTA, Sarl Informatique/Communication
Crée en 2020, SARL DISTA est une société Algérienne spécialisée dans la distribution du tabac
EURL MTII Management and Technology Intelligence Institute
EURL MTII Management and Technology Intelligence Institute Informatique/Communication
Nous sommes une entreprise spécialisée dans la formation professionnelle, en particulier dans les domaines de la gestion et le high techs des organisations.
SARL GDSS Informatique/Communication
GDSS is an Algerian integrator of technical solutions throughout several sectors including: Industry, Transportation, Health Care, Residential, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy.

As per its name which stands for "General Distribution and Security Service" offers a complete range of high performance materials to secure your facilities & your property with highly skilled technical services in MEP : mechanical, electrical and plumbing. GDSS Engineering Department composed of a team of engineers and skilled technicians able to take up and complete the most complex projects.

We advise and assist our clients in their choice of technical infrastructure, in compliance with international standards. Our desire to provide products and services with high added value is characterized by the marketing of large global firms.
SPA SMARTEST Algeria Informatique/Communication
SMARTEST is an Algerian registered company, developing Information Systems, IT Solutions and Consultancy & Optimization Services for Oil & Gas, Energy and Automotive Industry.
The SMARTEST offerings combine domain expertise, best practices, cutting edge technologies, innovative solutions and high-quality support to assist its customers increase operations efficiency, reduce production costs, improve productivity, maximize revenue, through well-optimized way.
Unidees Algérie
Unidees Algérie Informatique/Communication
Eurl UNIDEES Algérie
- Nombre d`utilisateurs : 10
- Module : CRM, vente, facturation, achat
- Hébergement : On-Prem
- Activité : filiale de UNIDEES France. Spécialisée dans le domaine de sécurité informatique (vente de solution, conseil, formation).