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Alpha Med Medical Devices & Supplies
Alpha Med Medical Devices & Supplies Informatique/Communication
Our company was established in January 2014 , is a Sudan based company which as a Supplier of Quality diagnostic reagents and Medical consumables. We identified an opportunity to introduce new innovation technology in Diagnostic Reagents and Medical Consumables.
Our approach is based on tested processes, methods and skilled employees. This is how we ensure that the customer receive a detailed, professional and consistent level of quality in the service delivered.
We are full of wisdom both in Business and Medical fields. We aim to provide a quality service each and every time at the best price guaranteed! This is how we continue to grow our client base of trust and satisfaction.
We supply services to a mix of commercial clients over more than 20 states in Sudan including Governmental Institutes, hospitals, labs, clinics, pharmacies, medical centers, organizations and even Universities.
We proudly have more than 12 international exclusive agencies for worldwide, esteemed and well-known companies.