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Azkatech Informatique/Communication
Azkatech is an official Odoo partner in Lebanon, Nominated Best Odoo Partner MENA 2020, and we are ready and waiting to help you with Odoo implementation Lebanon wide and beyond – as well as customization, troubleshooting, and ERP development for all types of businesses and industries.

The Azkatech team has over two decades of comprehensive experience in Software development and ERP implementation and boasts a good deal of satisfied customers worldwide who choose us when they are looking for an Odoo partner in Lebanon for all things ERP.

As a local company with a global presence, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to ERP implementation and customization, and have built up a strong reputation as a partner for Odoo in Lebanon has to offer. Whether you’ve just begun exploring your options and aren’t sure where to start or if you are looking to upgrade your current ERP software to a more responsive and comprehensive alternative, we are here for you when you need us.

We can help you to control and centralise your business systems, reduce admin time, and cut costs, leaving you free to get on with what matters to you: running your business. If you need a local, professional and responsive Odoo developer in Lebanon Azkatech should be your first port of call.
Cell & Sell
Cell & Sell Informatique/Communication
Cell & Sell is an electronics shop with a wide range of products and a special focus on mobile devices and maintenance.
Wishing to expand online, Cell & Sell needed an online eCommerce that integrates with their inventory and accounting system. What started as an eCommerce website quickly evolved to become a complete replacement of their legacy system with Odoo v16, covering all their operations including accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, POS and eCommerce.
Transitioning to Odoo was very easy, especially with an experienced partner like NavyBits, and the business benefits far outweighed the investment.
With Odoo in place, Cell & Sell can now focus on growing their business and reaching customers across Lebanon with the confidence that their ERP system can accommodate all their future needs when the business grows.
Dotcom S.A.R.L.
Dotcom S.A.R.L. Informatique/Communication
Alpha Technology group- Also known as Dotcom- is a leader in the online software
development space serving more than 1500 customers from different industries.
Founded 11 years ago, Today, Alpha Technology Group Offers its Clients more than six
products and services that have each become a market leader in its activity.

Challenges they were facing:
After the changes occurring in Lebanon, Alpha Technology group needed an accounting
module that abides by the Lebanese standard. In which the system can take into
consideration the various currencies (Dollar, Lolar, LBP rates, checks ...etc)
Alpha technology was facing another challenge in terms of consolidation, noting that
they have many partners, they needed the consolidation solution from Odoo ERP that
will give them customized reports per each partner.

Azkatech was up to the challenge and proposed a new unified solution following
international standards for different industries, where they can manage all their business
functions from a single place.
The offered solution helped Alpha Technology group in:
 Managing the business operations that consisted of quotations, sales orders, and
 Managing the expenses, subscription, approvals, DMS & E sign
 Managing their financial operations (supporting intercompany. Multi-companies
features, and fixed assets.)
ECOMZ Informatique/Communication
Ecomz is an award-winning ecommerce platform driven by a passionate team of experts and innovators in the world of ecommerce and backed by institutional investors such as the World Bank and leading VCs in the region. It is powered by advanced store-builder capabilities, aesthetical CX-focused themes, a comprehensive suite of AI and machine learning powered tools, in addition to innovative multichannel integrations. It provides its clients with unparalleled local support and guidance focusing on a professional, transparent and growth-driven approach. Ecomz operates in more than 55 countries, serving more than 7,000 merchants helping them generate over $50M in sales. Named 2018 Top 5 B2B website by Seamless Conference, 2017 Top 10 Business by ArabNet, Ecomz has also been recognized by Google, Disrupt San Francisco (TechCrunch) and MIT Silicon Valley Program for its achievements and has been awarded by the 2018 Touch Innovation Program (TIP) and BLC Bank’s 2018 Brilliant Lebanese Award (BLA).


Business Case:
Ecomz was looking to have an integrated ERP software to manage their day-to-day operation. ANALYB implemented Odoo for Ecomz with focus and 3 main areas; Accounting, Human Resource Management and Payroll automation. Along with technical implementation ANALYB helped customer with enablement process to make sure they have the right skills to manage Odoo System.
Ever Business Solutions SAL
Ever Business Solutions SAL Informatique/Communication
Everteam Global Services / Ever Business Solutions is an international software provider that brings about 30 years of leadership and innovation combined in Enterprise Resource Planning, Content Services, Process Services, and Data Governance, directly operating for the Qatari market under Ever Gulf Co. W.L.L.
With its distinctive knowledge in advanced technology and conducted by its micro services architecture, Ever Business Solutions emphasizes on covering all business needs
Libatel Informatique/Communication
Libatel is a leading Information and Communication Technology Systems Integrator in the Middle East and across the GCC. Founded in 1977, Libatel is a privately-held company with headquarters in Beirut, and offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

For the past 38 years, we have been in the business of providing reliable, tailor-made, intelligent and innovative IT, security and communication solutions to help you work more efficiently and profitably.

Our highly trained, motivated and efficient team is totally committed to deliver advanced systems, communications and software integration for businesses of all sizes, across all industries, in the private and public sectors.

We design custom solutions, and integrate the industry’s best technologies to answer each organization specific need. Determined to exceed customers’ expectations at all levels, we back up all our solutions with software applications, professional support, maintenance and reliable after-sales services.

In a constantly evolving telecommunications, networking and security industry, we partner with top international companies to help governments, banks, hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, enterprises and private organizations streamline their voice, data, video, security, and communication needs.
M Digital SAL
M Digital SAL Informatique/Communication
Since our debut in 2009, we have matured into a full-fledged Digital Agency, enabling our clients to embrace their challenges, explore their solutions, and evolve their brands.
Initially established as a digital development supplier, the agency has now become the home of a team of aspiring digital specialists and a hub for visionary brands.
Following the most advanced disciplines in communication, design, digital marketing, PR, content creation, analytics, and web and app development, we have been able to expand our clients’ horizons and help them create an identity.
NavyBits Informatique/Communication
NavyBits is a fast growing software engineering company providing high quality services for growing medium-sized business and large enterprise in all global markets.
Building on more than 17 years of expertise in software engineering and business automation, NavyBits provides consulting services and innovative solutions to the hardest business challenges. With our expertise in developing and implementing enterprise-grade business solutions, we helped organizations to save time, reducing costs/waste, and increase their revenue and business efficiency.
To obtain all the advantages from Odoo, you need to hire a trusted Odoo implementation partner.
NavyBits, the official Odoo Silver Partner in Lebanon, has a team of top notch developers, functional consultants and business experts with years of experience in business optimization.
Our consultants will listen to your needs first and use their high experience and knowledge to propose the best solution for your requirements, minimizing the need for customization as much as possible.
When your needs require custom development, our team designs and develop a solution that works best with Odoo’s current and future versions.
NavyBits is proudly the 1st Official Partner in Lebanon to become Odoo V15 Certified which reflects the dedication and commitment of NavyBits to be the best business optimization and automation company in the region

Our Services
Business Analysis: Our consultants analyze your company and all your work processes in order to propose the best practices to be implemented with Odoo ERP System.
Development and Customization: We customize the Odoo apps and flows to meet your needs and we also develop custom modules or specific features for Odoo based on each business requirements.
Implementation: Our Certified consultants and technical team will use their high experience and well-crafted methodologies in order to quickly implement Odoo ERP System and do the necessary configurations based on each business needs
Training: Our certified consultants will train your team to quickly start to run your operations using Odoo ERP System.
Support: Our support team will always be available using their experience to provide you will all the assistance and support you might need on a daily basis.

High Performance Team
100% of NavyBits team is internal and we structure project teams based on specialty to optimize efficiency and solution quality. Entire of our success has been delivered by the unmatched grit and craftsmanship team we have carefully built for years.

Get in touch with us:
If your business is seeking the services of an expert and experienced Odoo Partner, please contact Khaled Zakaria, Head of Business Development at NabyBits for a conversation.
Mob: +961 70 334 757

Here are some words from our Happy Customers

“I have recently been introduced to Odoo as an option of an ERP system to be implemented in our company. I can say that I wish I knew about it before. One of the most detailed systems with the capability of customization thru their amazing, helpful, and professional team of NavyBits, who’s always supported our request and trained us properly in using all the feature needed according to our activity. Thank you Odoo and NavyBits for this beautiful experience.” – Rachel Seif – Chief Accountant – Mindfield Digital

“We have been collaborating with Navybits since 2 years for the implementation of Odoo and for the technical support that follows.
Navy Bits team delivers a great support with a responsive and professional approach; they have excellent technical skills and are able to cater to all our needs and requirements.” – Dany Naous – General Manager – Pancrop Supplies & Services SARL
Numbase Limited
Numbase Limited Informatique/Communication
Numbase implemented a state-of-the-art solution on top of Odoo for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that allowed them to digitize the process of car registration, payments, fine collections and control.
Odoo allowed them to have an easy to use, distributed system which connected all the inspection offices across the country with the ministry of Interior. Law enforcement officers where equipped with a handheld device, connected to Odoo that reads cars RFID tags and driver cards and verify if they are compliant or not, generates and collect fines.

Azkatech, Odoo gold partner, helped to integrate Odoo with RFID writers, smart cards printers and
police handheld devices. This allowed DRC to go one step forward towards the government.
SAAB Research & Development Systems focuses on providing solutions designed to ensure your company becomes a Market Leader.

With new technologies constantly emerging for example for IIoT and Operational Excellence, and the large number of software vendors with similar and constantly-evolving offerings in the marketplace today, we know defining a technology that is right for your operations can be very challenging. We are a team of sound technology experts and we want to be your trusted partner in this journey: from advising on your technology buying decision to deploying the full system, including training your team and delivering support services.
Spexal s.a.r.l, Ziad Chelala
Spexal s.a.r.l, Ziad Chelala Informatique/Communication
In order to prototype and produce artificially intelligent robots for the automation of dynamic logistical operations, Spexal conducts research and development initiatives. The development of highly specialized and complex solutions for businesses looking for application-specific logistic automation asks to be carried out in a harsh, industrial environment is ensured using the most recent technology. 

Spexal provides customers with fully functional items that are customized to meet their unique needs. They use a very iterative design process in which the customer is constantly kept abreast of the various CAD models and simulations of the current design.

Spexal is currently using Odoo ERP, where it needs further improvement, training, and support. 

Azkatech is the official Gold Partner of Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in Lebanon, was able to support Spexal by improving the function of Odoo ERP along with training and support.
Tecomsa S.A.L.
Tecomsa S.A.L. Informatique/Communication
Tecomsa is a leading firm in IT, Telecommunications, ERP Solutions, Software Development, and Digital Marketing.
The mix of applied business experience with solid technology delivery capabilities allows us to better understand the client’s needs and propose strategies in line with the latest cutting-edge technologies. We have always been committed to maintaining this promise by providing the best systems and solutions. We partner with the best suppliers to deliver world-class high-tech products and solutions.
Our company employs a dedicated team of highly qualified experts in the technology field. Now, as we grow with our experience, we are capable of managing multivendor, multi-geography, and multicultural environments.
The main goal of Tecomsa is to bridge the gap between traditional and new unconventional technological services. With creativity and perseverance, we plan on keeping our markets in line with the globalized community.
Xlab Informatique/Communication
Our work includes software development mixed with custom built hardware, and the latest in cutting edge technology. We then build that into installations of any size and place, providing a full solution to your brand engagement needs.
Zero and One S.A.L Offshore
Zero and One S.A.L Offshore Informatique/Communication
Zero and One is a cloud-native services company that is leading complex technology projects in the MENA region. Leveraging the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible experiences.