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BusinessChat Informatique/Communication
Founded in 2020, Business Chat is a company that seeks to transform the traditional forked management of their customers' sales cycle by converting Whatsapp into becoming a fully integrated sales channel for direct communication, marketing campaigns, chatbot automated replies, multiple sales agents' windows and even adding a customer service department; all unified and encompassed under one phone number!
They have proudly worked and changed the perception of sales channeling in the MENA region in more than 100 companies so far and are still on the move striving for more.
Smart Way Business Solutions
Smart Way Business Solutions Informatique/Communication
Smart Way Business Solutions has established its operations in Amman - Jordan since 2012 to provide software and accounting services to the private sector in the MENA region.
With 120+ successful Odoo implementations in different countries, our team has gained extensive experience which can be relied on to perform mission-critical tasks and projects.