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Altumview Informatique/Communication
Independence and peace of mind for your loved ones
Arius, Morgan Prentice
Arius, Morgan Prentice Informatique/Communication
Arius' proprietary ultra high-resolution art capture technology, accurately records the surface colour and geometry of paintings and can be used for fine art conservation, preservation and creation.
AttriX Informatique/Communication
AttriX es una empresa que provee apoyo con la administración de flotas de vehículos pesados ​​y eléctricos en Québec. Ofrece soluciones integradas con Geotab, software de gestión de flotillas #1 del mundo por segundo año consecutivo. AttriX revisa, evoluciona y mejora continuamente sus mecanismos y procesos para garantizar el más alto nivel de seguridad y privacidad para sus clientes y socios.
Avida Healthwear Inc.
Avida Healthwear Inc. Informatique/Communication
Avida Healthwear is one of the leading purveyors of professional uniforms with the largest selection of Scrubs and Lab Coats in Toronto and Canada. We carefully analyzed Avida to pinpoint areas of improvement and provide custom solutions. We implemented a hosting solution through OERP cloud. Additionally, we assisted with set-up, implementation and complex data migration into Odoo from previous software. Moreover, we implemented custom modules, integrated with Shopify, and additional security and data privacy measures. Furthermore, we provided training sessions, and ongoing comprehensive technical support.
COOP DE SOLIDARITÉ DU SUROIT Informatique/Communication
La Coop-CSUR est une entreprise d’économie sociale innovatrice, forte et dynamique, axée sur le développement durable et connectée sur ses membres.

Coop-CSUR is an innovative social economy enterprise, strong and dynamic, focused on sustainable development and connected to its members.
CellnTell Distribution Inc.
CellnTell Distribution Inc. Informatique/Communication
CellNTell Distribution Inc. is one of the leading cell phones and accessories distributors in Canada. Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, CellNTell serves all of Canada as a wholesaler/distributor of latest cell phones, accessories, and gadgets. They work with suppliers around the world in sourcing the best deals on all popular phones and gadgets. They also have an R&D division dedicated to creating great products to solve everyday problems, and improving lives.
Connected Gateway
Connected Gateway Informatique/Communication
Connected Gateway Inc, is a business systems consulting firm with the sole objective “ to help customers to realize a good ROI “. We are trying our organizational success to our customer’s success.
We founded Connected Gateway to be a center of excellence in Business Management software solutions. We have no-nonsense approach and are committed to drive positive results. We combine the skills of the most talented individuals and our proven techniques to provide the following:
Successful implementations the first time around.
Apply our special methodology to turn troubled projects around.
Post production structure to support customization and regular change management process.
Créations Diving Horse Limitée
Créations Diving Horse Limitée Informatique/Communication

Phi est un pôle culturel et artistique multidisciplinaire qui cultive tous les aspects de la création, de l’élaboration, de la production et de la diffusion.

Dedicated to art in all its forms, Phi is a multidisciplinary arts and culture organization that cultivates all aspects of creation, development, production, and dissemination
Entreprendre ici
Entreprendre ici Informatique/Communication
Entreprendre ici est une organisation nationale dont le mandat est d'accueillir et orienter les entrepreneurs issus des communautés culturelles.
Famille Niboo
Famille Niboo Informatique/Communication
Chez Niboo, l’intégration Odoo dépasse l’aspect technologique. Nous écoutons les besoins, nous comprenons les enjeux et nous proposons un accompagnement humain complet afin que la solution soit adaptée à votre réalité.

Notre équipe d’analystes d'affaires, de gestionnaires de projet, de développeurs et d’architectes IT séniors couvre toutes les compétences spécifiques à votre secteur : comptabilité, fabrication, logistique, commerces, services divers, etc.
Globe technologie inc.
Globe technologie inc. Informatique/Communication

Globe technologie, expert en intégration et en développement de systèmes
Guillaume Gaboriault
Guillaume Gaboriault Informatique/Communication
Grandchamp Chapiteaux, Vente & Location de chapiteaux pour événement. Depuis 30 ans. Demandez une soumission en ligne. Partout au Québec. 1-800-565-8368
Hyperview Informatique/Communication
DCIM software re-invented. The next generation in data center infrastructure management software and DCIM tools for managing on-prem, colocation and cloud.
IDES Canada
IDES Canada Informatique/Communication
SCENTROID is the world’s premier manufacturer of odour sampling and analysis equipment.
We helped to address areas of implementation that were previously under-serviced. We implemented an on-premise hosting solution. Additionally, we integrated custom modules, and additional security and data privacy measures. Furthermore, we provided training and offered ongoing comprehensive technical support.

IERP, mohamed hassani
IERP, mohamed hassani Informatique/Communication
Votre partenaire d'integration de solutions d'affaires adaptatives et d'une transformation numérique réussie
Intellitix Technologies Inc
Intellitix Technologies Inc Informatique/Communication
Intellitix is the leading provider of technology to the world's biggest live events. We help your event be safer and more profitable.
Kadima Group
Kadima Group Informatique/Communication
Kadima Group is a full service ERP implementation consulting firm specializing in Odoo ERP. Services range from operational audits, full and rescue implementations, and integrations with outside service providers. With a boutique approach to client satisfaction, we cater specifically to the small business space.