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700 apps
700 apps Informatique/Communication
700Apps is a leading provider of full-scale digital transformation solutions and technology consultancy services established in 2012 in Saudi Arabia with a dream that came true of becoming an industry leader. Throughout this decade, we’ve empowered technology adoption and digital transformation of governments and large enterprises across different industries around the world. We are recognized for consistently providing exceptional quality and efficiency, speed, compliance, and security. We have the right people, technology, and processes to provide effective solutions that transform the way people manage their businesses in today’s digital landscape
ASSET Technology Group
ASSET Technology Group Informatique/Communication
Our Ongoing Journey Milestones Since 1991. It has been highly important for us to create meaningful relationships with our customers and partners over the years. Our business portfolio has been focused not only on integrating creative technology services and solutions, but rather on fostering real value into our offerings. Today, more than 300 customers in 30 countries trust ASSET teams to deliver services and solutions that overcome business challenges and step into a new age of technology transformation.
Actel Informatique/Communication
ACTEL Communications S.A.E Is A Joint Stock Company Established On May 2007 By A Group Of Professional Engineers From Telecom Business With The TARGET Of Building Integrated Services Based On Long Experience In The Telecom Industry.
ACTEL HQ is operating in Cairo, Egypt since establishment in 2007.
Afro Egypt Engineering Company
Afro Egypt Engineering Company Informatique/Communication
Specialized mainly in Telecom Industry: Mobile & Fixed Telephony Operators & ISPs Offices: Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, Madagascar, KSA, UAE, Libya & Guinea. Authorized Service Provider for: Safaricom, Zain, Airtel, Etisalat, Zamtel, NEC, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia
Al babtain LeBlanc Egypt
Al babtain LeBlanc Egypt Informatique/Communication
Al Babtain LeBLANC Telecommunication Systems Limited, (ABL) is an international company which is engaged in providing turnkey solutions for telecoms, broadcast, defence, security and other integrated networks across various countries namely KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Yemen.
Allied Engineering Group
Allied Engineering Group Informatique/Communication
Founded in 1994, AEG stands today among the top SWIFT Service Bureaus worldwide. In 2014, AEG Service Bureau has been accredited to be fully compliant with operational requirements of the “Standard Operation Practice” level as defined in the “SWIFT Shared Infrastructure Program”.
Arabia For Systems
Arabia For Systems Informatique/Communication
Arabia for systems was founded in February 2004 as a company specializing in the fields of integrated security systems.
For a first day, its commitment to build a professionally-trained team to achieve needs of different sectors.
In 2005, it’s assigned many of the major companies it maintenance of security systems to Arabia for system.
In 2006, our company (Arabia) could gain the confidence of their customers and achieve widespread in most of the governorates of Egypt.
The label of integrated solutions was the main motivation for the company, which continued to be provided until 2009, became a leader in the designs and implementation of integrated security systems.
Archer Solutions
Archer Solutions Informatique/Communication
Odoo ERP
Odoo is able to support many businesses "out of the box" - no need for big adaptation, development and adjustments. No integration of other software is necessary, because Odoo offers a full suite of apps, supporting all your business needs.

Archer Solutions
We are one of the most successful Odoo Gold Partners with offices in Cairo and Riyadh. Through our close collaboration with parent company Odoo S.A., we have exclusive access to Odoo's expert developers and specialists who are also responsible for the development of the Odoo core system. Benefit from our experience in handling more than 50 successful Odoo projects. We are glad to consult you on how we could improve your business and offer a free Odoo DEMO presentation focusing on your individual business needs.
B.solution Informatique/Communication
About us
We are a premier IT company, Leading our local and national market by Implementing business management standards through Latest ERP management system technology, we are Odoo partners in Cairo,Egypt our main business line is providing solutions to any and every organization whenever lacking system or control , our role is to lead our partners to successful implementation of ERP system technology to ensure successful business management and control through Manufacturing, Accounting, HR management, POS management and any custom design system needed by partner.
our service list is extending through renowned partners varies from national and international practice.
we cordially inviting everyone to get to know our services provided and learn more about us at
Bass Informatique/Communication
BASS is a global IT company providing quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.
As the first EMC partner in the Middle East & Gulf and a trusted EMC C3P partner, BASS provides a wide
range of Documentum-based services from implementations to solutions.
Bitsera Solutions
Bitsera Solutions Informatique/Communication
In a digital era, businesses shifted from heavy paperwork to automated systems culture. Technology leadership is the concrete pillar of this digital era as Businesses and technologies work hand in hand. Innovative systems now deliver integrated solutions for businesses to enhance their growth rate and security on advanced scales. Since we are deeply rooted in this culture; we consolidate experience with gradual learning in providing businesses with excellence in a wide range of integrated systems and offshore development.
Launch and destination
BITSERA was launched in 2019, equipped with a pool of talent and experienced professionals that robust the corporate aim to expand its territory to reach faraway corners of the world after we managed to operate in several countries such as: (Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi, UAE, Jordan, and Norway). By understanding the clients’ business processes, culture, vision, and goals across various industries, our strength lies in providing client-oriented solutions that suit perfectly the needs of the business.
Quality is the head of the table and our primary focus, as it is attained from the union of knowledge and experience. We are proud of our organized team that has been working in a systematic and disciplined manner over the years. A distinctive and intense position for BITSERA is depicted by adding value to our clients during the business collaboration of the two of us.
A precise key to our credibility is to provide our clients with necessary and high-quality solutions at a perfect time. All industries and markets consider time as the main asset. Automated systems cut it short to the needed results, reports, statistics, analytics, and all the required data for a decision-maker to obtain the highest outcome out of the decision.
Client success:
"We win together” is a formulation of BITSERA’s philosophy for building a long-term business partnership with its clients where professional relationships, reliability, assured quality, and functional knowledge work in harmony with our clients' interests. Starting with understanding the client situation very carefully, going through the situation analysis, ultimately delivering the needed solution, and providing technical, offshore support is what it takes to keep our clients loyal.
BITSERA is always to be perceived as beneficial and valuable to our client's perspective over the years. A glance at our logo will reveal a profound experience of appreciation and gratitude. Day after day we keep ourselves up to date. Committed with a subtle effort of continual learning to preserve such impression, as we consider it our equity and ultimate purpose to our business.
To be an industry leader in addressing the development and application of technology to solve our customers’ most demanding challenges.
Brightskies Informatique/Communication
Overview: Brightskies Technologies is a premier provider of high-quality services in the field of High-Performance Computing and Code Optimization, and Embedded Software Development space. They cover a diverse geographical footprint ranging from the US and Europe to the Middle East and Africa. They capitalize on the founders' US-based experiences and talented engineering workforce to provide customers with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality service.
CIT VERICASH Informatique/Communication
CIT Global is an international provider of high quality, innovative eCommerce / mCommerce solutions and services to its clients. Our extensive suite of solutions and services enables us to lead our clients into the next generation of multi-channel fully secured eCommerce systems. By applying CIT Global’s dedicated centers of excellence and its specialized leading products, in addition to the “best of breed” technologies from its strategic partners, CIT Global is delivering innovative and award winning solutions to our clients in more than 25 countries worldwide. Our client list includes leading institutions from North America, Europe and the Middle East. By the very nature of our specialization, CIT Global's solutions bring extensive world-class quality expertise and service excellence to meet the demanding business and technology needs of our customers. Our Services cover the whole solution life cycle, from discovery and design to integration, and deployment to maintenance. We provide the framework to better understand the client's needs and offer tailored solutions to match their specific business strategies and objectives. We apply structured methodologies, delivery flexibility; and a competitive advantage through technological innovation, value-added and cost effective best practices.
CORE Academy
CORE Academy Informatique/Communication
Prepare & Acquire talent IT resources in the Egyptian market. Core Academy provide
training courses in various business sectors beside IT; such as providing Start and
Improve Your Business Program - SIYB training workshops worldwide, Organizations
Team Building events, and much more....
Cairo Communication System
Cairo Communication System Informatique/Communication
We develop and integrate high quality AV and security solutions to meet today’s security
challenges and needs. Cairo Comm. Systems is a leading specialist in Audio/Video System
Integration in EGYPT. We bring together a range of expertise with skills in audio-visual
Integration, CCTV, Access Control, facial recognition, license plate recognition, Structured
Cabling and Project Management. At Cairo Comm. Systems we help our clients achieve their
goals through innovative, cost-effective solutions and services.
Cartona for IT
Cartona for IT Informatique/Communication
Cartona is a digital platform that connects retailers with manufacturers and wholesalers (B2B), which supports digital transformation in the traditional trade market in Egypt. We built for them a fully integrated Accounting system which covers all cartona financial needs including e-invoicing. To do so we developed the whole integration between cartona's app and Odoo so that hundreds of thousands of monthly transactions are automatically handled by odoo.
Cloudela Informatique/Communication
Cloudela is a marketing agency based in Alexandria Egypt, with a branch in Alexandria, Egypt. Our team is up to date on the latest market information and IT technologies.

We support our clients in achieving their goals, from market research to the execution of marketing strategies, media production, and even event planning.

Cloudela will handle your digital transformation so you can concentrate on running your business.
Clouds Integrated Solution
Clouds Integrated Solution Informatique/Communication
Clouds was established blissfully in 2013, evolving over the years to become one of the best solution integrators in our region that will promise you the best quality for IT and printing solutions. With years of experience in the operating field, maintaining honorable partnerships with respected and reputable companies and being extremely keen about our clients' satisfactions and needs, our company continues to offer outstanding prospects because we stand for technological innovation, customer care, competitiveness and financial strength. This is a main prominent reason for why we are confident that all required traits for success will indeed payoff.
Our goal ever since has been to provide the best customized and superior technological services including:
- Design
- Engineering
- Training
- Support for professional printing solutions
- Audio
- Video
- Visual
- Control systems
Our model has also developed IP network design, video conferencing, web casting, collaborative systems and unified communications as technology continues to advance.
Computer Business Center (CBC)
Computer Business Center (CBC) Informatique/Communication
Computer Business Center specialized in digital media services and innovative marketing
solutions. We provide an integrative Set of services in administrating, social media accounts and
digital marketing all by specialized experts.