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 Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys)
Innovative Systems Co. Ltd. (ISys) Informatique/Communication
A consulting company spanning two verticals—viz., automation technology and Telecommunication technology, Innovative Systems focuses on implementing relevant solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Innovative Systems has business and technology partners around the globe.
At Innovative Systems, customer satisfaction through our quality services is a priority. We provide you with true value-for-investment solutions, technological advantages, and immediate reliable support.
Our focus areas are Automation Technology and Telecommunication Technology.
ASSET Technology Group
ASSET Technology Group Informatique/Communication
Our Ongoing Journey Milestones Since 1991. It has been highly important for us to create meaningful relationships with our customers and partners over the years. Our business portfolio has been focused not only on integrating creative technology services and solutions, but rather on fostering real value into our offerings. Today, more than 300 customers in 30 countries trust ASSET teams to deliver services and solutions that overcome business challenges and step into a new age of technology transformation.
Accord Business Group Egypt LLC
Accord Business Group Egypt LLC Informatique/Communication
Accord Business Group has been committed to providing IT products and solutions to achieve impactful business outcomes for clients, since inception in 2014. Our data driven approach combined with deep business and technology experience allows us to develop and customise innovative solutions that enables a smooth digital transformation journey.

With 50+ experts, across the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa markets, ABG helps leaders reimagine their value offerings to stakeholders. Our end-to-end solutions across industries leveraging our focused expertise in Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aids clients to operate seamlessly and with agility across business functions.
Actel Informatique/Communication
ACTEL Communications S.A.E Is A Joint Stock Company Established On May 2007 By A Group Of Professional Engineers From Telecom Business With The TARGET Of Building Integrated Services Based On Long Experience In The Telecom Industry.
ACTEL HQ is operating in Cairo, Egypt since establishment in 2007.
Al babtain LeBlanc Egypt
Al babtain LeBlanc Egypt Informatique/Communication
Al Babtain LeBLANC Telecommunication Systems Limited, (ABL) is an international company which is engaged in providing turnkey solutions for telecoms, broadcast, defence, security and other integrated networks across various countries namely KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Yemen.
Arabia For Systems
Arabia For Systems Informatique/Communication
Arabia for systems was founded in February 2004 as a company specializing in the fields of integrated security systems.
For a first day, its commitment to build a professionally-trained team to achieve needs of different sectors.
In 2005, it’s assigned many of the major companies it maintenance of security systems to Arabia for system.
In 2006, our company (Arabia) could gain the confidence of their customers and achieve widespread in most of the governorates of Egypt.
The label of integrated solutions was the main motivation for the company, which continued to be provided until 2009, became a leader in the designs and implementation of integrated security systems.
Archer Solutions
Archer Solutions Informatique/Communication
Archer Solutions is an IT services provider, we develop an integrated software systems to help businesses have better insights on their processes. We have implemented Odoo ERPs for tens of companies working in ten different domain and located in four different countries, these systems are efficiently used by hundreds of users representing employees and partners of these companies.
Customers satisfaction rate is always measured by Customer satisfaction department in Odoo, they contact our enterprise customers after nine months of purchasing the license, and ask them about partner service quality. Our rate at Archer Solutions is 100%, we don't have a single enterprise customer not satisfied with our service.
Bass Informatique/Communication
BASS is a global IT company providing quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies.
As the first EMC partner in the Middle East & Gulf and a trusted EMC C3P partner, BASS provides a wide
range of Documentum-based services from implementations to solutions.
Breadfast LLC
Breadfast LLC Informatique/Communication
Breadfast is a supermarket app that provides grocery essentials to your doorstep.
From dairy, eggs, fresh bread, fruits and vegetables, all the way to household supplies, and specialty coffee, everything that you need is available 24/7 and one click away.

Our in-house bakeries and groceries are packed fresh, produced daily within our production facilities and delivered fresh to your doorstep. Order all your needs from one user-friendly platform. Choose Breadfast ‘Now’ for instant same-day deliveries.

Breadfast delivers to most neighborhoods in Cairo and Giza, Mansoura, Alexandria and is domestically expanding across Egypt and the MENA region.
Brightskies Informatique/Communication
Overview: Brightskies Technologies is a premier provider of high-quality services in the field of High-Performance Computing and Code Optimization, and Embedded Software Development space. They cover a diverse geographical footprint ranging from the US and Europe to the Middle East and Africa. They capitalize on the founders' US-based experiences and talented engineering workforce to provide customers with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality service.
CORE Academy
CORE Academy Informatique/Communication
Prepare & Acquire talent IT resources in the Egyptian market. Core Academy provide
training courses in various business sectors beside IT; such as providing Start and
Improve Your Business Program - SIYB training workshops worldwide, Organizations
Team Building events, and much more....
Capiter Informatique/Communication
Capiter is a B2B marketplace that brings together FMCGs, wholesalers, and merchants on one platform, enabling merchants to order their products through an eCommerce checkout and receive credit on their purchases. Currently, it is serving over 30.000 merchants and 150+ FMCGs and wholesalers with a team of close to 100 people.

Egypt’s $100B+ market, with half of this being FMCG, has over 500.000 underserved merchants. Capiter’s platform offers them a reliable and convenient solution for their daily purchases in a few clicks. It also improves distributors' reach and brings fair pricing and transparency to the market.

Capiter’s main goal is to become the one-stop-shop for merchants across different industries offering 3 solutions; Ordering, Credit, and Payments.

Centione Informatique/Communication
Centione is a software professional services organization headquartered in Egypt, the company offer ERP and CRM Implementation and Consultations , E-Commerce Solutions , Business intelligence, Enterprise Application integration, application development outsourcing, Resource augmentation and staffing services to global companies .
Crystal Technology Solutions
Crystal Technology Solutions Informatique/Communication
Crystal Technology Solutions is a communication, information technology and light current solutions provider. Crystal have partnership with technology vendors like Cisco, HP, Dell, Honeywell, bosch & Hikvision
Digital Connection Company
Digital Connection Company Informatique/Communication
DCC is a vital player in the field of information and communication technology. Through our experienced team and specialized offerings, DCC plays a vital role in enabling connectivity to people and businesses all over Egypt.

With our partnerships and authorizations from different international vendors, we offer you a wide variety of network commodities. At DCC we follow our inclusive distribution strategy to maintain high availability of our specialized products. Through this strategy, we gained a unique position in the market of telecommunications.
Digital Myth Solutions
Digital Myth Solutions Informatique/Communication
Digital Myth Solutions is a Leading VOIP Solution providers & Official Distributor of Sangoma, Yealink and Yeastar in Saudi Arabia.
Digital Wellnez Company
Digital Wellnez Company Informatique/Communication
We digitize your smile

We are a digital Transformation start-up, Aiming to maximize the potential profitability of our partners by proactively developing innovative digital solutions, providing reliable services, adopting successful sustainable revenue streams, developing revenue sharing models, ensuring continuous service quality optimization and tapping into latest technology and creative talent to develop end-user applications with the right products.
Digitize Informatique/Communication
DIGITIZE is your ideal partner in the new era of digital transformation, delivering the most advanced ICT solutions and engineering services. DIGITIZE is at the forefront of innovation, and as such is fully capable of addressing roadblocks or problems in addition to finding and creating opportunities for their clients in the continuously evolving world of cloud and digital platforms. Building on our deep industry-specific expertise, Digitize enables organizations to realize their business ambitions by utilizing superior technology to deliver measurable results through an array of services; from strategy to operations. DIGITIZE is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people.
Dimensions Cloud International
Dimensions Cloud International Informatique/Communication
Dimensions Cloud is a Saudi based company. Established in 2014, with a clear vision on providing private & public cloud services for corporate and government in the Saudi Market. At Dimensions Cloud, we realize the challenges business are facing with a main objective to balance CAPEX expenditure with OPEX.