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Al Asfour Group
Al Asfour Group En gros/au détail
Al Asfour Group- Al-Futooh International Group has uniquely positioned itself in the heart of the world’s most prolific hydrocarbons provinces as a young and growing licensed distributor for Castrol products in Kuwait.

The Group has enjoyed fluid growth, smooth success, accelerated progress and top notch performance in a market that has responded positively to its products & services.

The foundation of Al-Futooh International Group was laid when it started operation as a licensed distributor for Castrol lubricants in Kuwait. Established in 2001, Al Futooh International Group is also diversified into Health Quest, the food station for healthy diest food and Auto Quest, the one stop shop for car care.

Al Kuwaitiya Live China
Al Kuwaitiya Live China En gros/au détail
The Kuwaiti Shipping Company was established in 2014 in The Republic of China in the city of (Guangzhou). It has several branches in (Kuwait - Saudi Arabia - Qatar Oman) and specialized in importing from China. The company’s vision has always been consistent with the needs and aspirations of its distinguished clients, who use the company’s services all over the world adhering to the company’s same distinguished vision of excellent performance and continuous and steady expansion. The Kuwaiti Shipping Company has a clear determination to build a better future through continuous improvement and the interaction with the clients, partners, and employees by providing high-quality services that are difficult to access and creating a competitive work environment that makes our work more professional.

تأسست الشركة الكويتية للشحن عام 2014 في جمهورية الصين في مدينة (كوانزو)والتي لها عدة فروع في (الكويت - السعودية - قطر عمان) ومتخصصة في الاستيراد من الصين. لطالما كانت رؤية الشركة متوافقة مع احتياجات وتطلعات عملائها المميزين الذين يستخدمون خدمات الشركة في جميع أنحاء العالم. تؤمن الشركة برؤية متميزة متمثلة في الأداء الممتاز والتوسع المستمر والثابت وتمتلك تصميمًا واضحًا لبناء مستقبل أفضل من خلال التحسين المستمر، التفاعل مع العملاء، الشركاء والموظفين عن طريق تقديم خدمات عالية الجودة يصعب الوصول إليها وخلق بيئة عمل تنافسية تجعل العمل أكثر احترافية.
Al Nader Central Market
Al Nader Central Market En gros/au détail
New concept of Hardware Stores
In Al-Nader Hardware Central Market you will find all what do you need for your home.
Al-Qabas Assurex General Trading & Contracting Co.
Al-Qabas Assurex General Trading & Contracting Co. En gros/au détail
Al-Qabas Assurex General Trading & Contracting Co. (8eme) is an online fashion application (8th in French for the 8th district where all the known fashion stores lie), acting as an online mall with independent virtual boutiques, based in Kuwait & caters for the Gulf and Middle East. We introduce curated brands and new emerging designers to the region that we personally pick, with now more than 40 brands on board. 8eme focuses on bringing brands that we love and not much known in our area.
Ali Abdulaziz Alsanea Co
Ali Abdulaziz Alsanea Co En gros/au détail
Ali Abdulaziz Alsanea Est. is a wholesale retail company specialized in household goods and light furniture. We have over 50 years of experience in the retail market and over 40 retail channels in Kuwait. Our customers include cooperative societies, hypermarkets and supermarkets. We offer a wide array of products such as outdoor furniture, indoor and outdoor heaters, and various plastic goods.
Alkhudairi Jewelry
Alkhudairi Jewelry En gros/au détail
AlKhudairi Jewellery is bolstered by a fine selection of locally hand-crafted jewellery pieces that are high in quality, in line with the latest trends, and yet utterly unique.

These elegant and exclusive ethnic designs sparkles with the creative genius of Mr. AbdulAziz M. AlKhudairi, in which the natural beauty of the gems is enhanced by the talents of the local craftsman, all of which heralded the start of a new era of Kuwaiti handcrafted jewellery.

We have implemented Manufacturing, POS, Barcode, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Employee, Purchase, Documents and Dashboard modules for their company.
Bimad Group
Bimad Group En gros/au détail
Bimad Group is dedicated to producing and trading the highest quality lumber and steel products among other buidling materials as well as electrical, security and contracting solutions. With our exclusive distribution arrangements, as well as our local processing facilities and large stocking abilities, we remain able to source and supply all the required volumes, ranges, and specifications of products customized to suit the requirements of your next project or development
Bonita En gros/au détail
Bonita is a special store located in The Avenues Mall & Awtad Complex (Kuwait) for children's clothes and supplies. Bonita offers a collection of various clothes, shoes and bags for practical wear, occasions and festive outfits. Our objective is to implement a safe & secure e-commerce platform along with other business modules to enable the smooth-running of Bonita's retail activities. En gros/au détail is an e-commerce company was born in 2017, features a wide variety of top international and local brands. head office located in Kuwait, and offers local and worldwide shipping, to make the life of our customers much easier.

We implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Studio, and Consolidation.
Dealz En gros/au détail
Dealz is a daily promotion application, which enables the users to find plenty of daily offers at local restaurants, either for dine-in or delivery. The application is available in both App Store and Google Play Store. The Dealz has tie up with many restaurants in Kuwait which aid in getting exclusive offers for their customers. The cornerstone of the company is the marketing strategies they have employed and the steady customer base. The young entrepreneurs have put in their heart and soul into developing this application to what it has become now.

Their Challenges - Their existing software to manage their projects and workaround for the CRM had many limitations. Hence, Dealz decided to use Odoo for all of its operations.

Kuwait Protocol, the Odoo partner, helped Dealz to master their operations by implementing the Odoo ERP system. We integrated the essential modules and the modular features in Odoo will provide them with any future needs.

We customized the modules to fit in their requirements and pain points. We implemented a CRM and Sales module to manage the upcoming leads, automatically open field service tickets and customer information. The contacts module assists in keeping track of all the restaurants participating in/ partnered with efficiently. An accounting module to replace the old one they had and to manage the operations related in single click. We integrated further security, and data privacy measures, and assisted with managing operations for multiple restaurants. Additionally, we improved the hosting performance, alongside training and ongoing comprehensive technical support including bug fixes, system monitoring, and updates.
Flain En gros/au détail is an e-commerce company that was born in 2019. It features a wide variety of top international brands.

We implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, and Purchase.
Flower Outlet Co.
Flower Outlet Co. En gros/au détail
Flower outlet is there to be part of your special moments. Don’t worry they can customize your own bouquet, pick a ready-made one or just buy flowers by wholesale price. They want to make your life easier.

We have implemented Odoo to handle all operation cycle: Sales Module, Invoicing Module, Purchase Module, Time off Module, Inventory, Accounting & Manufacturing.
Go Fresh Kuwait
Go Fresh Kuwait En gros/au détail
An open market to fruits and vegetables. We have a team of highly experienced inspectors in Kuwait and the region who are constantly looking for new sources and opportunities. In fact, our mission is to inspect and fined the quality aimed for more than purchasing goods. In other words, we have more eyes and ears at the field and farm levels.

Quality is the target in every aspect of the business. Growers and exporters frequently ask to ship their produce from all over the world. With our competent staff we can manage both air and sea businesses. We know we can offer our customers and suppliers the service they deserve. Our goal is to devote our experience to find the right product for the right market at fair market price.
Hadidco for Trading and Contracting Company
Hadidco for Trading and Contracting Company En gros/au détail
Hadidco established in 1973 is a Kuwaiti shareholding closed company specializing in the import, sales and supply of all kinds of steel and related accessories. The Company deals in: steel angles, checkered steel sheets & plates etc.
Industrial Consultancy Masters
Industrial Consultancy Masters En gros/au détail
Specialized in providing products (Foodstuffs) to cooperative societies and supermarkets.
JFY En gros/au détail
A private company located in Kuwait, contracted with Black Crown Brand and sell their product B to B and via website. They sell sports stuff and equipment.
Kassem Salim
Kassem Salim En gros/au détail
Al-Moallem has many outlets in Kuwait and all are targeted to a family-oriented shopping atmosphere. As a home/hardware store, Al-Moallem build their reputation in the market through the customer service, wide and superior range of product availability, highly competitive prices and comprehensive exchange policy. Each store has many departments, starting from * Hospitality * Houseware & Cleaning * Appliances * Linen & Bathroom Accessories * Stationary, Party goods & Toys * Textiles & Luggage.
Al-Moallem strives to be the first choice for their customers and its concept is everything under one roof