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Horkans Garden Centre Ltd
Horkans Garden Centre Ltd En gros/au détail
Horkans is met 17 winkels en 3 e-commerce websites de grootste winkelketen in tuin- en dier benodigdheden in Ierland. Cravit ondersteunt met Odoo het gehele primaire proces van de kassa systemen in de winkels en de e-commerce webshops tot de financiële administratie en logistiek.
OOFT Limited
OOFT Limited En gros/au détail
Ooft Ltd is the parent company for shupp. Shuppa is a shop in your pocket. A real-time retail service with a wide range of essential needs, all-you-can-imagine for dinner parties, or brunch, and artisan favourites from the best local brands delivered to your doors in less than 15 minutes.
Parnells En gros/au détail
When you need special wheels, you turn to Parnells. Their operation is diversified and complex. However, they implemented Odoo Enterprise v10 to simplify and grow their business. They have implemented the following Odoo apps: CRM, Sales, Point of Sale, Purchasing, Inventory, and Accounting. Parnells have also implemented their processes integration with Ebay and Amazon using a specialized connector.

They are in the middle of implementing the bill of materials, multi companies and intercompany relationship in odoo. In the near future, they are planning to implement the Manufacturing, Website Builder, eCommerce, Mass Mailing Campaign Odoo applications.

They also have plans to implement Leave Management, Employee Directory/Attendance, Odoo VOIP and Expense Tracker modules.
Sunaura is a leading distributor of makeup products to the film, makeup, and beauty industry based out in the heart of Wicklow mountains in Ireland. They distribute their products in the UK & Ireland through their direct sales team and their website.

Target Integration, the leading Odoo partner in Ireland, helped them move from their old archaic system to a modern and powerful Odoo ERP. As of today, Odoo ERP is the key to Sunaura's business automation success & support management. They utilize all the key features for their distribution business with the help of Odoo Quotations Management, Odoo sales management, Odoo Warehouse Management, Odoo Inventory Management & Odoo Accounting Management.

Target Integration has provided training on all Odoo ERP modules to Sunaura’s Team. Their accounting team has been trained on Odoo Accounting Management by our expert Odoo Consultants.

Serigraf Ltd
Serigraf Ltd En gros/au détail
Serigraf Ltd. trades on a business to business basis through a network of Ireland, European & UK customers. They specialize in screen printing, heat transfer, dye sublimation, sandcarving, pad printing, embroidering, sewing, and surface decoration of products. Odoo Version 10 enterprise was implemented for Serigraf by Target Integration. Odoo Ecommerce & Odoo ERP modules were implemented & installed for Serigraf. A lot of other Odoo modules, functions & features were required by Serigraf as well.

The modules implemented by Target Integration include Sales, Survey, CRM, Online Event, Inventory, Website Live Chat, Manufacturing app, Repair Management, Timesheets, Asset Management, Leave Management, Odoo Studio, Odoo Accounting and Finance, Odoo VOIP, Odoo E-commerce, Employee Attendance, Payroll, Employee Directory, Helpdesk, Purchase along with a few Custom Modules too.

They also required modules for Pickup and pay at the store, Ireland - Accounting, Show Forecasted Quantity in Kanban View, Print Dynamic Barcode Labels, Dynamic Mega Menu, Home shop adds, Product Brand Manager
Product Brand Website, Website Product Stock, Website Product video, Website Stock Notify, Product Pack
Webkul Message Wizard, Website Webkul Addons, etc. which was delivered successfully by Target Integration Odoo Team.

VYVO SMART LTD En gros/au détail

We create innovative technology to improve people’s lives.

Positioned in the Qualified Self sector. Vyvo establishes a platform through the use of anonymized personal data collected from its technology products to propose an A.I. highly personalized report and supplement solutions to help you become the best version of you. #SmartGeneration
Yvolve Sports ldt
Yvolve Sports ldt En gros/au détail
At Yvolution, we are a team of big kids who never grew up! We spent our childhoods racing home from school and heading out for endless hours of fun on our go-karts, roller skates, bikes, scooters anything with wheels!

Back then nobody cared much about computer games (and YouTube didn't even exist), so we had the ultimate freedom of healthy, outdoor play. Times have changed, but we still believe there is nothing quite like the feeling of adrenaline and the wind in their hair to put a smile on kids faces.

Jump forward a few decades and the bug for cool toys never really wore off. We started importing the most radical rides we could get our hands on. Things were going well, but our imaginations were on fire and we couldn't stop dreaming about what we could invent if only we had the chance.

In 2009, that moment finally came. We grabbed life by the handlebars and partnered with a design company to sell their brand new balance bikes. We were lucky enough to experience international success. Our dream took off, and together we co-designed a bunch of red-hot products that took the toy industry by storm.

Today we are in over 40 countries around the world, from the US to Korea, and have even branched into other mind-blowing products. Now we are racing ahead at max speed and can't wait to see what keeps our wheels turning.