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2Go For Trade And Distribution
2Go For Trade And Distribution En gros/au détail
2GO Convenience Stores located in Cairo, is working in retail industry to fulfill employees needs during break time in main business areas
such as Smart Villeages, Downtown and more...
ABG Egypt
ABG Egypt En gros/au détail
ABG Egypt is a pioneer of the point-of-care devices market in Egypt. We are the sole distributor of NOVA Biomedical, the global pioneer in the POC market with 40 years of experience in the field.
Abdel Rahman Annan
Abdel Rahman Annan En gros/au détail
Hijab boutique stores offer you a collection of modest hijab clothes. Dresses, skirts, cardigans, kaftans & Abayas. Tagamoa 90th road & Heliopolis branch.
Al-Fakhama for Arabic Thaub (Smartex)
Al-Fakhama for Arabic Thaub (Smartex) En gros/au détail
A leading company in the field of Arab dress and Libyan in particular. The company has taken great strides towards leading the market of robes and Arab suit
Alarabia For Cosmetics Distribution - ACD
Alarabia For Cosmetics Distribution - ACD En gros/au détail
Arab Company for distribution of cosmetics Founded in 1998 and specialize in the distribution and import of cosmetics (agents, distributors). The company aims through its branches in Egypt to improve sales service and by following the best means of distribution and development of all employees of the company through specialized programs.
Bait El Gomla
Bait El Gomla En gros/au détail
سوبر ماركت بيت الجملة هى سلسلة سوبر ماركت هدفها توفير إحتياجات العائلة المصرية من السلع الأساسية بأعلى جودة وأفضل الأسعار,تم التعاقد مع الشركة لتنفيذ وتطبيق برنامج ادارة الموارد البشرية لادارة عدد موظفين يتجاوز 1000 موظف مقسم على عدد كبير من الفروع .
Bulgarian rose
Bulgarian rose En gros/au détail
Bulgarian Rose was founded in 1948 in Karlovo, Bulgaria, manufacturing products based on natural rose oil that protects the skin from natural pollutants and the stress of daily life, offering nature-based therapy to help preserve skin's vibrancy, glow, youth, and beauty.

The cosmetic products of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide, including those with a tradition in the cosmetic industry like France, Italy, the US, England, Korea, and others.
Egy Trade
Egy Trade En gros/au détail
The company specializes in Supermarket Equipment and Restaurants Hotels, and cafes equipment the company developed through a strong team has the experience and skill to develop and push forward.
Elkawthar For Trade and Supply
Elkawthar For Trade and Supply En gros/au détail
Alkawthar for trading and distribution is one of the largest distributors of vehicle oil lubricants in Egypt. With 50+ employees and distribution centers all over Egypt, Alkawthar was looking for integrating their processes on one platform that ensures smooth and efficient operation and keeps their warehouse counts up to date and their financial books updated and accurate, and with odoo, they were able to do all of that and more.
Forbed En gros/au détail
We are looking forward to meet the Egyptian customer need and develop our products according to his/her taste. Quality is our main concern since we focus on bringing the best raw materials .we give affordable price at the same time.
IMCD Group (Egypt)
IMCD Group (Egypt) En gros/au détail
Since we were founded in 1995, IMCD has expanded through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. This has enabled us to become a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients.
Inspiration En gros/au détail
Inspiration LLC is the mother company of Joud a home-ware brand that offer a unique portfolio of products, designed and manufactured in Egypt.

The collection includes more than 15 product variations ranging from textile, wood work and glassware. Design, color and inspiration are what make the business stands out in the market.
International Company for Logistics Development
International Company for Logistics Development En gros/au détail
We turn the act of logistics to the art of logistics. Through highly qualified staff, high communication and negotiation skills, a network of local offices covering all Egyptian ports, and support of New Trans' trucking facilities, we are aiming to offer our customers one package of service for all their import/export traffic through the below services:

- Warehousing
- Container Management
- Shipping
- Trade (Export & Import)
- Manufacturing
- Cargo and Marine Surveying & Inspection