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AZ CAR PARTS En gros/au détail
Established in Lebanon, AZ Cars Parts are able to offer a huge range of goods and services. Customers will benefit from courteous and knowledgeable staff, who carry a wealth of valuable experience between them. Their enthusiasm and experience create unrivaled product knowledge and customer service.
We as ERP cloud assisted AZ car parts to fully benefit from Odoo’s built in functionalities and features
Abed Tahan
Abed Tahan En gros/au détail
Industry: Retail

Products: Retail Electronics & Home Appliances


Abed Tahan, a respected retail and distribution company in the Middle East, offers a diverse product range spanning electronics, home appliances, and consumer goods. Despite its trusted reputation, Abed Tahan faced operational hurdles due to fragmented systems and processes. Seeking streamlined operations, Abed Tahan partnered with us, Plennix Technologies, to implement a comprehensive Odoo ERP solution. Through our expertise and the power of Odoo ERP, Abed Tahan underwent a remarkable transformation, achieving streamlined processes and improved efficiency.
Akiki's S.A.R.L
Akiki's S.A.R.L En gros/au détail
Industry: Wholesale and Retail
Products: Tobacco

Akiki’s Cigars is one of the top tobaccos and cigar resellers in Lebanon, with multiple subsidiaries across the region. Akiki’s team was facing difficulties organizing and accessing its documents. With the support of Plennix Technologies, Akiki’s implemented Odoo CRM and Document Management to organize its customers info and all its digital documents while linking each digital document to its physical file. Odoo was a key tool to transform Akiki’s operation to a modern and paperless one, with the ability to maximize productivity and save time and effort.
Al Fundok
Al Fundok En gros/au détail
From the old school run by the Salvatorian nuns, Al Fundok kept the mission of a community project run by a non-profit foundation. This beautiful hotel is nestled in the heart of Maasser el-Shouf, a village labeled one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Lebanon".
Brescia Middle East
Brescia Middle East En gros/au détail
A leader in the Middle East market and a station for all professionals hunters, Brescia Middle East was founded in 1981 by Mr. Joseph Abi Saab; the company is specialized in importing and exporting hunting guns and related ammunition. Named after the Italian city Brescia, the company is divided into Brescia distribution, Retail, Factory and Used arms division.

Their Challenge: Having several divisions increased the overhead and manual work. Thus, they needed to replace the outdated system they have into a new one that manages all the business functions from one single place. Adding to that, the new needed system shall be an open-source to allow the integration with HubSpot and Mailchimp for their marketing ; thus, Odoo ERP is the solution.

Azkatech, the Odoo MENA gold partner implemented Odoo to address the local purchase, import and export procedures of Brescia along with the B2B Selling procedure. This new unified solution following international standard for different industries, enables BME to manage all their business functions from a single place also implementing new modules that will help them in increasing their revenues and getting accurate data from each department.
CYBERITY SARL En gros/au détail
Cyberity offers Security systems that are able to keep track of what is happening at the premises where they are installed. By monitoring the activity of workers and visitors at your business’ site, you and your workforce can have total peace of mind about exactly what is going on under your roof.
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Cosmetic Wave
Cosmetic Wave En gros/au détail
Industry: Distribution, Wholesale and Retail
Products: Cosmetics

For all types of Beauty, Cosmetic Wave has set itself the mission of offering all women and men worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.
Cosmetic Wave team trusted Plennix Technologies to implement a Sales and Supply Chain system. Plennix Technologies helped deliver a true integrated business planning and execution solution that provides advanced, end-to-end planning and analytics capabilities so the company can better define, plan, and achieve their business performance objectives.
Egho Group
Egho Group En gros/au détail
EGHO GROUP started in the early 90’s selling hotels and restaurants equipment,

Our job is to provide equipment’s ideas for all customers and peoples planning to start a business in the food industry.

The main advantage is the ability to serve small restaurants and big luxurious hotels because we import food service equipment from all corners of the world to provide

a wide selection and reasonable prices.

We are the one stop shop for all hotels , restaurants , cafe shop owners and chefs.
Expo Moda
Expo Moda En gros/au détail
Expo Moda are a well-known Shopping and Retail business in Lebanon, Tripoli; they manufacture and sell a variety of products for all ages and genders, they are using Odoo now to manage their sales activity through their Stores and eCommerce Platform in addition to managing their Inventory.
Hamade Trading
Hamade Trading En gros/au détail
Hamade Trading Company was founded in Beirut in 1995 with a vision of making a change in the Lebanese aesthetic & beauty scene. Hamade Trading offers high-quality cosmetic and cosmetic-related products, as well as medical devices and equipment. To this very day, Hamade Trading Company is constantly striving to fulfill its purpose of offering up to date beauty and medical aesthetic solutions. Over the years, the company has established business relationships with thousands of doctors by supplying them with the greatest medical products/equipment and customer service.

Due to the fluctuations of the Lebanese Market and the especially Accounting Wise, the need for a flexible, integrated, simple and fast ERP system took place. In addition to managing the sequence of Hamade's Sales Process taking into consideration the integration with other supply chain departments to be up to date and synchronized. Moreover, Marketing Solutions was needed to be managed in the same platform connected with various and different other platforms. Last but not least, within the marketing solutions needed, a need for a website that would serve online customers was mentioned within the challenges encountered by Hamade Trading Company.

Tecomsa scheduled a series of sessions to gather the requirements of Hamade Trading Company taking into consideration their customized procedures in the supply chain cycle starting from purchasing the goods till the customized sales reports that are generated after each Doctor visit. Furthermore, a Lebanese Localized Accounting was implemented with Odoo ERP to generate Hamade's Financial Reports in a fast and accurate procedure along with dynamic dashboards that summarizes the financial status of the Trading Company. Hamade Trading Company's Social Media feeds were all managed on Odoo ERP in addition to their Automated Email Marketing. Finally, a built from scratch Website & Ecommerce was developed by Tecomsa Team aiming to provide Hamade an interactive Website with the basic SEO optimization in order to generate web leads that will be tracked using the CRM module.
Innovative Medical Solutions sal (IMS Medical)
Innovative Medical Solutions sal (IMS Medical) En gros/au détail
Innovative Medical Solution - A front line provider of innovative medical technology that serves all the modern medical practices, IMS is trying to equip the Arab word, Middle East and the Western Asia with the most advanced technology and medical equipment that serves in the progress of the modern medicine.

Their Challenges: IMS was working on a local accounting system for the management of its financial operations, the local accounting system doesn’t have the features and the innovations of Odoo ERP module thus, it was hard for the innovative medical solution to manage its operations in all the departments.

How Azkatech, the official Odoo gold partner helped: Azkatech prepared an Odoo custom module for IMS called Request for Maintenance, it allows the company easily manage their warranty and costs thus speeding up their operations and minimizing errors.

In addition, it digitized all their processes from the first touch with the client till, purchasing and procurement till delivering to their client.
JEAN LOUIS SABAJI S.A.L En gros/au détail
Founded in Beirut in 2012, Jean-Louis Sabaji is a fashion house with a distinctive style, that paved the way into becoming an established brand today.
Kabalan Group
Kabalan Group En gros/au détail
Industry: Wholesale, Retail
Products and Services: Home Furnishing

Kabalan Home is one of the largest showrooms in Lebanon. Kabalan principal activity features the area’s largest selection of home furnishing. Plennix Technologies facilitated information flow and data processing across all parts of Kabalan’s business. The modules were designed for different parts of the enterprise, ranging from finance to supply chain management. On the other hand, Kabalan  achieved a 25% reduction in errors with real-time visibility, thanks to Plennix’s extended warehouse management.
Lamar SARL
Lamar SARL En gros/au détail
Lamar is a Jewelry chain in Saudi Arabia with multiple stores in the region. In Lebanon, Lamar SARL sells and trades silver and gold products, with 5 branches across the country.