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ALINDA VELCO ABEE En gros/au détail
Alinda has been active in the food industry since 1989 producing tailior made solutions for the consumer but also for the dairy, bakery and confectionery industry as well.

With a high expertise in techical and financial aspect of their clients, our dedicated team is open to new challenges in the world market and ready to serve your dairy/baking/confectionery needs for the retail and industrial market.

You can find more for Alinda Group activities on
BIOKAN OE En gros/au détail
We have been manufacturing since 1989
BIOKAN has been manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for 30 years. The application of the innovative ideas meets the needs of the modern and continuously developing food-service establishments.
Christofides Antonios
Christofides Antonios En gros/au détail
Above Joy - Handmade, Playful and Artistic stuff
Digital Publications Group
Digital Publications Group En gros/au détail
Digital Publications Group is a Greek group of companies, part of which, is the company Myikona, the largest company to produce personalized photographic & printing products in the Balkans. Their vision is to contribute to a better world by offering people the opportunity to share the most beautiful moments of their lives. They wish to commit to the formation of strong bonds in human relationships, by creating tailor-made products, in the highest possible quality. They have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create, share and maintain their most significant personal life events with goods that will last forever. Having a great experience in printing custom-made photobooks, Myikona covers the needs of millions of both, amateur, and professional photographers.

Being their Odoo Integrating Partner, we have engaged to create a consolidated system, which will contain all their company’s data and information, allow them to complete all their daily business processes from only one platform and assist them in managing their large volume of online orders. Using Odoo’s endless capabilities through its apps, along with our technical skills and expertise, we will configure their Odoo System, to build a unique, tailor-made business framework that will perfectly suit their needs.
Doma Books
Doma Books En gros/au détail
Doma Books was created in 2017 by Thanos Samartzis, the former publishing director of Greece’s leading academic publisher, Marilena Karamolegou, a multi-awarded marketing and communications executive, and Michalis Samartzis, a developper and financial analyst. Doma Books is focused on philosophy, history and fiction and publishes few books every year, while investing heavily on each one of them from an editorial, artistic and marketing point of view. Doma Books has published, among others, the biblical Ecclesiastes, Epictetus’s Freedom, Anne Carson’s Eros the Bittersweet, Andrew Sean Greer’s Pulitzer-awarded Less, Jean-Paul Dubois’s Goncourt-awarded Tous les hommes n’habitent pas le monde de la même façon and John Fante’s My Dog Stupid.
We are the Travel Experts to Delos and Mykonos. We offer our clients a unique Myconian travel experience, by creating inspiring tours with innovative services.
We listen to our clients and do our best to pursue excellence, in a never- ending effort to improve the quality of services we offer. This is a precedence which was set by my grandfather Constantinos who took the first people to Delos in his wooden caique almost a hundred years ago.
We provide superior personalized services
We focus on the customer not the competition.
Delos Tours strives to give travelers the most inspiring authentic travel experience possible, as seen through the eyes of a local.
The mission of Delos Tours is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit. Delos Tours believes that it is our experience of almost a century that sets us apart from our competitors.
Our philosophy is superior customer service.
We fulfill dreams through the experience of travelling.
Superior customer service through innovation quality and commitment.
MYLONAS, N. & ASSOCIATES E.E. (V.Vatzedakis)
MYLONAS, N. & ASSOCIATES E.E. (V.Vatzedakis) En gros/au détail
Vatzedakis S.A. is a vertical integration manufacturing company, based in Athens, Greece, specializing in refined metallurgy and metal accessories. Founded 60 years ago, the company operates in a wide range of activities which is constantly expanding. Their main field of work is the production of metal decorative accessories for leather goods, clothing, wedding and christening items, seasonal products, promotional items, professional gifts, and souvenirs. They aim to offer complete solutions to their customers, always following the latest fashion trends, with high quality products, at affordable prices.

We have been tasked to upgrade their custom build software we implemented almost 15 years ago. Through our long-term cooperation and trust we are moving ahead and upgrading their system by using Odoo’s unique capabilities, which will perfectly suit their needs. We are going to assist them in handling their daily procedures effortlessly and efficiently. Technology moves fast, and to be able to keep their customers happy, Vatzedakis S.A. always aims to evolve and adapt. By managing and centralizing their operations through Odoo, they will enjoy an organized and complete, user-friendly environment to run all their processes seamlessly.
Mr En gros/au détail is a company that has been active in the field of retail sale of gadgets and mobile accessories for the last 4 years. With 26 stores throughout Greece, has become a pioneer in providing a wide variety of quality and economical products, as well as in mobile service, with courtesy and care for our opened the first store in 2017. Once the beginning was made, the development of the company became a one-way street. managed to expand to many cities throughout Greece and we continue our expansion, through the online shop, in order to serve more and more customers, wherever they are in the country.
RealAct LLC (NAI RealAct)
RealAct LLC (NAI RealAct) En gros/au détail
NAIRealAct is a real estate boutique firm, established in 2013, offering Valuation, Investment Consultancy, Tenant Representation, Strategic Real Estate Consultancy and Project Management Services. NAIRealAct’s goal is to optimize real estate potential while addressing the risk and hassles of real estate management, treating each client individually and every property uniquely. Partnering with a worldwide network,NAI RealAct is providing what international clients require in today’s challenging world: to achieve their objectives and ambitions. In order to solely focus on achieving their goals, NAIRealAct needed to eliminate the time and resources spent on operations that could be automated, investing those resources in innovating in the real estate market. Our company undertook the project of establishing a system that would optimize the processes of customer relationship management, sales and task management, data extraction and reporting.