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ALFAKHER International Co
ALFAKHER International Co En gros/au détail
We are committed to continuously enhancing your shisha experience. That’s why we have focused our efforts on all things shisha - from sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to investing in the most innovative research and development for our products. We will stop at nothing to give you the best shisha experience

Today, we are collaborating with the world’s leading shisha innovators, blenders, scientists, engineers and a network of world-renowned laboratories to pave the way for a better shisha experience.

Quality is our top priority, that’s why we carry out a rigorous safety screening process for all our ingredients

We also lead the industry in carrying our scientific research into the constituents of shisha aerosol and publishing our results

Abu Alfadil United Co. Ltd.
Abu Alfadil United Co. Ltd. En gros/au détail
Abu Alfadil United is a group of companies that trades in and manufactures furniture, building materials, house hold appliances, kitchenware and accessories. In addition, it hosts and manages an eCommerce platform and owns various real estates than is provided on a leasing basis.
Al Safwa Automobile
Al Safwa Automobile En gros/au détail
Sole agent of the German giant Volkswagen vehicles and spare parts since 1997. in 2016 ELSafaw Engineering was born as subsidiary of Elsafwa Automobile Company, specialized in agricultural machinery and electrical generators. In 2017 ElSafwa became an official agent for FAW passenger vehicles Has a gorgeous state of the art show room exhibiting a wide range of Volkswagen vehicles, attached with another beautiful showroom for FAW A well-equipped service center offering a professional high quality services built in an area of 15,000 square meters. Elsafwa core business is importing, marketing and servicing vehicles.
Alanfal Company for Food Stuff
Alanfal Company for Food Stuff En gros/au détail
Place Type :Supermarket, Grocery, Food Store, marketplace, bakery, butchery, shopping mall
Alanfal Hypermarket Jabra
Alanfal Hypermarket Jabra En gros/au détail
Alanfal company for food stuff is a supermarkets chain that resells a full range of food products (fresh, frozen, canned, dried, and preserved), including meats (from our fresh butcher section), fresh fruits and vegetables (from our greengrocer section), bread and cereal products (from our bakery). Besides food products, we also carry a full range of household products such as detergents, soaps, and household cleaning products, beverages, including cosmetics and beauty products, personal hygiene (toothpaste, soaps, etc), and in- house pharmacy, basic electrical and utilities, tools, school needs, and basic office suppliers. Alanfal Company also Imports from different companies around the world.

• Mission: Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

• Vision: "Fulfilling Lives, Every Day." Value people. Delight customers. Embrace change. Do the right thing. Passion for winning. All of these values tie together into one core goal – fulfill the lives of both our customers and employees. “We save people’s money so they can live better.”

Alafal almashtel Alanfal jabraa Alanfal group
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Alhandasia En gros/au détail
Alhandasia for import and export is a compressed air and gasses solutions pioneers in Sudan. Also an authorized distributor for Atlas Copco® Compressor Technique in territory of Sudan since 2018. Established in 2015 serving Atlas clients through supplying comprehensive - state of art- compressed air solutions, excellent and reliable products and after-sales services that ensures customers' highest levels of productivity and satisfaction.
Anabia for Integrated Solutions Company Ltd.
Anabia for Integrated Solutions Company Ltd. En gros/au détail
Anabia for Integrated Solutions Company Ltd. Was established in 2018 and is the holding company for:

Moh. Nour Optics:

Mohamed Nour was first established in 1959 ,with the opening of its first store Alexandria –Egypt. In 1962 Mohamed Nour opened it's first store & lab in Sudan till this day. M.Nour is the only lab in Sudan that offers lens treatment and surfacing as well as AR coating. In 1995 M.Nour opened EL-NOUR optics lab in Egypt offering the same services as it's sister lab in Sudan. M.Nour has attained the ISO 9002 quality system compliance with European quality system standard in the production of optical lenses certificate and is a member of the Optical Laboratories Association.

Maya Optics:

Maya optics was established in 2014, with the opening of its first branch in Bahri – Khartoum North. Maya optics is a specialized eye-wear store that sells quality eye-wear. Maya is also a licensed eye clinic. At Maya Optics we offer high quality eye-wear at affordable prices to the public. Our choice to become partners with the best local and global industry leaders enabled us to provide a unique service to our customers.
Axxa lubricants
Axxa lubricants En gros/au détail
- AXXA is the first lubricants factory in Sudan which initially established in 1996 and started its first production in 2000, excluding the small blending plant of shell in Port Sudan which was established before that date.

- First factory in Sudan that’s start the production of the brake fluid dot 3 in 1996. It’s the first factory in Sudan which locally produce the Calcium Grease NLGI No. 5,4,3,2,1 early in 1999.

- It’s the first factory in Sudan which introduce the special formula of the 2 stroke oil in 2004.

- AXXA was the leader in the domain of the recycling of the used oil to generate a high quality base oil (SN150, SN350 And SN500) through many stages as we started from the Acid clay procedure to upgrade our self according to the international development of the recycling procedure to finally introduce the total evaporation under vacuum system in the year of 2008.

- The factory was an environment friendly project that helps in cleaning the environment from the hazards waste of the use oil which contaminate the agricultural land and the water sources as Sudan is considered as an agricultural country.

- The green color of our drum is coming from the concept and believes of our team & management that we are a green project that’s save the environment.
Bashier Motors Co. Ltd.
Bashier Motors Co. Ltd. En gros/au détail
Under the umbrella of Elnefeidi Group, Bashir Motors was established in 2005 as the sole and exclusive agent of Nissan Motors Ltd. in Sudan.

The company delivered the first batch of cars to its customers in March 2006 and the main service center was inaugurated in December 2006. The center encompasses a show room and an after-sales services center. Furthermore, an additional showroom was opened in Khartoum, Atbara Street.

Bashir Motors’ first ever vehicle line-up included Nissan Sunny, Patrol, Urvan, in addition to Civilian, and their rate of market acceptance has been remarkable. The introduction of new Nissan models was made possible later through tireless dedication and years of success as Nissan Tida and Tiana were introduced in 2007, followed by X-Trail in 2008 and Navara in 2009.

In keeping pace with market demand for quality and innovative vehicles, in 2010 we also unveiled the legendary Nissan Qashqai.

The legacy continued with the introduction of the latest enhancements to the Nissan X-TRAIL in 2011, which focus on exterior and interior design, and the new Nissan Micra which created a whole new set of industry standards.

The all-new Nissan Sunny was introduced in 2012, followed by the launch of the revolutionary Sedan Sentra. Two years later, the Nissan Urvan was reborn and branded as the NV350 Urvan which has been immensely improved in terms of ease of use and functionality.

With this wide and diverse range of Nissan models, Bashir Automotive offers its customers a car that fits every lifestyle.

As a company well recognized for its outstanding business operations and exceptional customer service, today, on its 10th year of successful and sustainable business operations, Bashir Motors strives to continue improving its business processes and strengthen its foundation to meet the challenging customer needs and expectations, more than ever before.

The remarkable accomplishments of Bashir Motors are the fruits of the efforts and hard work of its competent professionals, the steady support of senior management, in addition to the continuous improvements of business processes as well as workplace facilities to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The Bashir Motors’ family is fully committed to serving the Sudanese market with the most efficient and highest quality vehicles that adhere to NISSAN’s standards of service.
Capital Motors Co.Ltd
Capital Motors Co.Ltd En gros/au détail
Capital Motors, is the authorized dealer for Hyundai Construction Equipment and Trucks, in Sudan. Our Vision: To build a leading construction and agriculture equipment service & supply platform which attracts all of our business partners.

“Because our Values & Vision are more than just statements; we design our business proposals accordingly, for through satisfying our customers, suppliers, lending organizations, employees & the community, success is achieved ‘’

Core Values Integrity in dealing with our customers, Suppliers and stake-holders within the local and international environment. Maintaining Cost Efficiency; through creativity, innovation, hard work & good management. Not only to maximize value for our shareholders but also to give our trusted customers the maximum value for money. Collaboration and sharing ideas, skills, and experiences; hence sharing benefits with others, whether they are customers, suppliers, service providers, or the research and technological communities in our country and abroad.
Coral Co
Coral Co En gros/au détail
Coral Company Ltd. is a private Sudanese company; it has been founded in 1980. Coral is a leading company in the animal production & Agricultural fields in Sudan. Coral seeks to continuous improvement of the agricultural and animal production industry in Sudan by providing the best technologies at distinctive value to our customers through the quality of our team, services, and our suppliers. The company provides all the poultry industry inputs from international companies by supplying a high quality poultry breeds, designing and installation of the poultry houses.
Detasi En gros/au détail
Established 1998.
HQ in Khartoum, in addition to two branches in Khartoum and Khartoum
•Involved in animal production, import/export and agriculture.
• Leading supplier of poultry products and services in Sudan.
• Two large egg production farms (220,000 chickens).
• State-of-the-art hatchery for broiler chicks.
• Offer poultry, agricultural and animal husbandry training.
• Provide feed analysis and diagnostic services for the poultry industry in
Sudan, through two labs located in Khartoum and Khartoum North.
• Turnover of $25m.
• One of the founders of UN Compact network in Sudan (addressing social
El Nasr Industrial Trading
El Nasr Industrial Trading En gros/au détail
Elnasr Industrial Trading Limited was established in 1963, and since then has been providing many services and products to the local Sudanese population as well as overseas. The company aims to become the leading provider of nutritional products in Africa as well as a competitor on a global scale.

The family started the business in Omrwaba town in western Sudan in 1936 founded by the first generations. The primary business was trading in oil crops, Gum Arabic and watermelon seeds. Then they built the first advanced oil mill for sesame and groundnut oil and that was the first generation of the family greatest achievement
Equipation En gros/au détail
Equipation for Heavy Machinery Operations

شركة Equipation هي شركة خدمية تعمل على توفير احدث وأفضل الآليات والمعدات الثقيلة للمشاريع الانتاجية في pمختلف المجالات، بدات العمل منذ العام 2015 م، وذلك باستخدام نظم ادارية محكمة ومتطورة، وعبر الكوادر ذات الكفاءة، وبالاستناد الى قاعدة بيانات كبيرة، وبالشراكة مع عملائنا القائمين على المشاريع الانتاجية في
Khaire Kamal
Deputy General Manager
Gezira Group
Gezira Group En gros/au détail
Gezira is one of the most effective dealers of Gum Arabic in Sudan. It has a deeply rooted heritage of its activities as well as it being widely established and developed its practice in collecting, sorting, cleaning and transporting gum from our resources to Port Sudan. We have a large warehouse in Port Sudan where all goods are identified, inspected and repacked by experienced inspectors to match our client’s needs. In addition, we currently installed a lab for the testing of Gum. In addition, we have a full tracking system that tracks the product from the field until it reaches to the container. With more than 21 years of experience, the company continues to reinvent its business and drive it to new heights of performance with innovative and different products and customer partnerships.