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AU Technologies
AU Technologies En gros/au détail
In the last ’90s the Pakistan IT market took a U Turn and within a few years, a remarkable change occurred in the IT industry. New era of information technology took place and many companies targeted the Pakistani market for their products. Companies from all over the world initiated their new business setups and all manual applications switched into IT. Government supported all newcomers and the policy, particularly for IT, made the vendor easy to set their offices all over the Pakistan. Different field of interest developed time to time in which Software development, Networking, Telecommunication, ISPs and call centers are some prominent fields.

Client Since – 2020
Country Operating - Pakistan
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status - Live
Advance Telecom
Advance Telecom En gros/au détail
With each passing year technology keeps on advancing tremendously and Advance Telecom strives to keep its customers up to date with the latest gadgets and devices. Founded in 2006, we have been working hard to serve our customers and providing them with the best after sales services.

We at Advance Telecom are proud of the strong reputation which we have earned over the past years. For us it is always about providing our customers with the best of the best only, and with the years of hands-on experience we are well equipped to cater our customers better than ever.

Our distribution network is the largest in the country and we are continuously working to expand it even further.

Every day, we connect with hundreds of people looking for assistance regarding new phones, updates etc. We also provide various service centers located at different places for easy access. Our excellent customer care is what has made our customers loyal to us and we promise to deliver everything the future has to offer.
Aerospace Baykee Private Limited
Aerospace Baykee Private Limited En gros/au détail
​Aerospace BAYKEE (Guangdong) Technology Co, Ltd is the leading high-power supply manufacturer, dedicated to provide high-end power products and integrated solutions to its customers. So, far have two production bases, 85 first-grade subsidiary, 5 regional technical service centers in China. Through its extensive R&D, company also have 53 technology invention patents. Based on the most advanced and most stable technology system, BAYKEE provide the best quality UPS products, Off Grid, Grid tied and Hybrid Solar Inverters, Regulated Power Supply, Frequency Conversion Power, VRLA and Lithium Ion batteries and many other products.
Allied Ecoms
Allied Ecoms En gros/au détail
Allied eCommerce Solutions (AES) is a full-service E-Commerce enabler that provides Local & international brands with Pakistan’s first end-to-end managed E-Commerce solutions. We offer online growth & expansion strategy, marketplace & brand dotcom store management, website design and implementation, digital performance marketing, order generation & fulfillment, last mile delivery integration & controls and customer care solutions.
Base6 Pvt Limited
Base6 Pvt Limited En gros/au détail
Base6 has launched and established multiple international natural health brands in Pakistan. We have helped people understand the basics of healthy living, such as following hygiene standards, paying attention to physical activities, and understanding nutritional requirements at different stages of life.

Through our intensive research, educational sessions within communities, free health activities and private consultations, we aim to educate and raise awareness of healthier lifestyles and the benefits of natural health products.
BinBakar Enterprises
BinBakar Enterprises En gros/au détail
BinBakar is a perfume importer and distributer in the Pakistani market.
Button Corner Enterprises
Button Corner Enterprises En gros/au détail
Button Corner has defined its goals to be the pioneer shopping destination as we have been since 1967 for fulfilling all your fashion & lifestyle needs.
Confiance Co
Confiance Co En gros/au détail
Confiance Corporation is a Family run business established by a pet-loving family who has been adopting, raising, and nourishing pets of different breeds for years. Confiance is dedicated to specialize in the imports and distribution of pet products in Pakistan.
Cozcom En gros/au détail
CozCom is an online shopping store having broad range of branded products. We have implemented Odoo ERP solution

Integration with shopify e-commerce solution
Integration with shippers
Dawood Usman Textiles
Dawood Usman Textiles En gros/au détail
Dawood Usman Textiles “DUT” is 3rd generation manufacturers of quality textile products that speak for their beauty in many terms. The journey started in 1969 now in the hands of current owner, Mr. Muhammad Imran, a visionary, well experienced & highly motivated individual overcoming modern day manufacturing challenges, creating a niche for his company at both domestic & global marketplace.
Diamond Trading Co.
Diamond Trading Co. En gros/au détail
Diamond Trading Co. deals in variety of dry fruits and spices and currently has more than 100 products. She has two main offices which are based in Lahore and Peshawar. She works mainly as wholesaler and rarely as retailer. She has it's own set of consumers across the country and is also involved in export of some of it's products. She is also involved in manufacturing of some it's products and has it's own state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing purposes.
Eat Food Pakistan
Eat Food Pakistan En gros/au détail
Famously known as CKO, EatFood Pakistan is restructuring and redefining the food eco-system in Pakistan. EFP has been associated with the industry since 2014, and created their first ever festival in Karachi, Pakistan.

Since then, the company has diversified with in-house food brands, cloud kitchens and a food content site
Eff Jay Apparel
Eff Jay Apparel En gros/au détail
It all started under the name of EDEN APPARELS – the effervescent company founded in 1988. Always fascinated by distinguished styles, the company bent its efforts to bringing colors, designs, fabrics & magic together. The initiative turned out to be a success and the company quickly became popular for its quality kids wear and later expanded its portfolio to rise as edenrobe – offering customers wide variety of finest ready-to-wear crafted to meet the ever changing demands of a modern family wardrobe.
Engine Clothing
Engine Clothing En gros/au détail
Engine have become the preferred destination for the latest trends. Engine is a specialty apparel and accessories retailer of women’s and men’s merchandise. The company has widespread experience offering a distinct combination of fashion and quality for multiple lifestyle occasions at an attractive value addressing fashion needs across work, casual, jeans-wear, and going-out occasions.
Fashion Villaz
Fashion Villaz En gros/au détail
Fashion Villaz is a Garment Manufacturer, Exporter as well as Retailer based in Pakistan. They run a Men's Wear Retail Brand with the name. "Brumano".The business started as E-commerce business in Nov 2015 and now operating Physical Stores in Pakistan.
FreshBasket En gros/au détail
A specialty store, catering to your fresh and healthy grocery needs. We source high-quality, exotic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products from all around the country and the world!
Glanz Shoes
Glanz Shoes En gros/au détail
Glanz is Pakistan’s leading footwear brand, striving to deliver superior-quality and latest trends to customers.
We are fully committed to offering the highest quality men’s footwear that will encourage you to express yourself and your style.